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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Creative Space - A New Cushion (or what happens at craft camp)

.....Doesn't always stay at craft camp.

When you put a group of crafty bloggers in a room together, much hilarity ensues, and lots of silly ideas come to fruition.
Case in point.

Because everything is better when you put something on it. Don't blame me if you have Beyonce on the brain all day.
Oh and by the way, green chevrons are really really hard to photograph while maintaining colour accuracy!

The cushion cover and craft panel are both available in the shop, and I'll be taking them along to the Pop-Up Shop on Saturday too!
.... and from the same craft camp - the Geek Amour Hipsters Paradise Card. Brilliant!

More creative spaces

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Then this one time... at craft camp

I was so completely chuffed when Nic from Yardage Design won the weekend getaway to The Retreat Woodend (she's a really good egg you know).

I was even more chuffed that even though I couldn't stay for the weekend, I was able to head down for a fun day out with some lovely crafty chicks (and Pam)!.

There were lots of different crafts happening, but I chose block printing.

Nic bought along all of the supplies that we needed, and showed us all the tips and tricks, before letting us loose with lino cutters and that stuff that's softer than lino but I can't remember the name of (sorry you can blame the lack of oxygen to the brain for my terrible memory).

Oh and just by the way.... I have NO idea what Nic was making. What was it again?

Put a group of crafty bloggers in a room together and it's always a crack up. There was much discussion about hair accessories and bacon. Not necessarily together. There was boasting and laughter about my Kirk Pengilly fangirl moment.

Afternoon tea. O.M.G. there are no words... Cathie made my two favourite things - her Banana Bread and Lemon Tart.

My moustaches. At one point I thought they looked more like seagulls, but I think I like them en masse like that.

Oh, and this is my finished floral panel.

Now I just need to heat set them with the ironing press and decide what to make.
This was heaps of fun and I'll definitely try it again.

Thanks so much for all the fun and laughter girls!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bag Ladies Part 2

I still have more goodies to show and tell from last weeks ladies luncheon...

My heart skipped a little beat when Nic from Yardage Design gave me this package which was wrapped up inside a white bag (top left) with Marimekko printed on it.

For me, this classic Unikko design by Maija Isola is my idea of heaven. It's simple, yet bold with an amazing burst of colour.

I'm so blown away that Nic bought it all the way back from Europe for me!

I am absolutely itching to get into working on some floral fabric designs and now I have the most perfect inspiration.

This little gift makes me chuckle.

If you haven't checked out Vic's range of Geek Amour Cards, then you should definitely check them out. I sooooo wish I had the quick witted sense of humour to think of these things!

Seriously, if you're a baconpalooza fan, then you need this card. If you're reading 50 shades of anything then you need this one, and I can't go past Labyrinth.

Thankyou ladies - you rock!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bag Ladies... and Ladies Who Lunch

No Filter - No Photoshop - Just an iPhone Snap

I had a lovely lunch date today with Nic, Cathie and Vic, and I just had to share these snaps. 

No Filter - No Photoshop - Just an iPhone Snap

OK it may have been absolutely freezing as there was an icy cold wind blowing a gale, but the clouds and the view were just stunning.

Nic made us these absolutely gorgeous personalised Yardage Design Market Bags.

So of course, we had to take on the obligatory Instagram 'pose de jour'

I think that if there's enough pester power, Nic might add personalised hand printed bags to her repertoire.... what do you think?

I have more pressies to show, but I just haven't had a chance to take pics yet!