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Friday, April 15, 2011

Acetylcysteine - Part 3 and still no answer

Unfortunately I've had this ongoing saga dragging out for more than a year now, where I've been waiting for a replacement nebuliser medication named Acetylcysteine to be added to the PBS.

Part One
Part Two

Prior to March 2011, the PBAC were responsible for approving medicines under $10 Million per annum. For products over $10 Million the PBAC referred to the Federal Cabinet for approval. 

From March 2011, Nicola Roxon decided to change the rules and make the Federal Cabinet responsible for the review and approval of all PBAC recommendations, further delaying the approval of Acetylcysteine.

I wrote to Ms Roxon (Federal Health Minister) and Mr Peter Dutton (Oppsition Health Minister) in early March 2011. As yet, I have had zero response.

My sister also wrote to Ms Roxon, but apparently she may have used much stronger language than me, as today, she actually finally received a response (after six weeks).

So this letter doesn't tell me anything that I don't already know, and doesn't direct me to do anything that I haven't already done.

At this stage I'm still wasting an entire day every four weeks driving an 80 kilometre round trip to a major city public hospital to wait at a specialist clinic in order to get an approved hospital prescription to take to the hospital pharmacy where I sit and wait for another hour for it to be filled....

Some days I really feel like tearing my hair out.... it's no wonder I'm going grey!