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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just for a bit of pretty

I know that I've gushed about Instagram about a billiontrillion times already in this space, but please bear with my while I do it all over again.

Have you ever wondered why something handmade is more expensive? Or as a maker, have you ever had trouble trying to work out your costs so that you can set a fair sell price?

I have no magic formula for you (sorry about that), but taking step-by-step photos, and posting them on Instagram, lets you really SEE exactly how much work goes into the product that you're making.

As a bonus, you get to look at pretty pictures.... and see into the working space of makers all around the world.

Places and spaces that you would never see if you were just getting finished product photos on a blog, or in an online shop.

I love being able to look back at my photos and see the different times of the day and night that I'm working, and how the light and shadows change depending on the time and the space.

A lot of time, energy and love goes into the things I make.

But I'm so lucky that I get to make things that I love.

This batch of Vintage Fabric Bunting is available in the shop and will also be heading to Gleaners Inc

Friday, February 3, 2012

Everyone loves Vintage Bunting... right?

Things have been busy around here.

I've been pottering, cleaning, organising, sorting, finishing up long put off administrative jobs, and even sewing.... while trying to stay offline as much as possible.

Behind the scenes... camera tripods have a multitude of uses!

I was working on a custom bunting order this week, so I took the opportunity to whip up some extras and pop them in the shop.

These are the same ones that I make for Gleaners Inc, so if you're anywhere near Brunswick, you can also pop in and visit and pick some up.

Now I'm heading offline and making a concerted effort to use my time more wisely.... well, after pulmonary rehab anyway...  Wish me luck!