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Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's my birthday today. I still feel like I'm 25, except I'm quite sure that I'm most definitely not 25.

Here's an old photo I found from my 5th Birthday.... (I know that because I counted the candles)

.... and here's the exact same tablecloth on my dining table 33 years later (I'm sure you can do the math)!

It has quite a few holes (hence the strategically placed centrepiece).

I can't believe my mum held onto it for so long. She gave it to me as it was holey and she thought I might like to cut it up for crafting. But I think I might just keep it for birthdays instead.

So far, birthdaypalooza has consisted of clothes shopping, op shopping, coffee drinking and lots and lots of talking and eating.

I'm only half way through my plans.... still lots more fun to go!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The forgotten ones...

In all of the excitement of the Gleaners Inc Grand Opening, I'd totally forgotten to show off some very special Sunnies/Specs pouches.

Some of my very favourite vintage tablecloths and vintage fabrics were sacrificed for a very good cause.

Here's a lovely pic of them in their new position at the shop (check out the gorgeous vintage cutlery drawer).

Just in case you hadn't heard, Gleaners Inc is Open For Business (2 Ballarat St, Brunswick) - make sure to check it out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tablecloth Love

Do you remember that I mentioned that I bought myself a couple of lovely vintage tablecloths last weekend?

Well, I had a little mini panic attack thismorning when I realised that I couldn't find them!

But disaster averted. Suprisingly, they were exactly where I'd dumped them when I unpacked the car.

Now to decide just what to do with them (they're far too pretty for spilling food on)!