Monday, August 12, 2013

Something Brand New - The Hexie Collection

I've been obsessed with Hexies for a quite a while now, and I've been working away behind the scenes designing something brand spanking new!

I was going to debut this new collection at the upcoming Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, but disappointingly, I missed out on a stall.

So instead, they're all available right now!

This is the new Hexienut Necklace...

I designed it based on the little metal hexienuts that you can buy from the hardware shop. The little nuts are cut from beautiful Tassie Blackwood.

From the front, the hexies are wood coloured, but when you get a peek at the side, there's a flash of colour. I adore how they turned out so I hope everyone else does too!

For something else new, I've also designed a new range of Hexie Brooches.

The frames have been cut from beautiful Tassie Blackwood, and each one has a little illustrated insert.

There are three sizes available, so there's something to suit everyone.



Naturally Carol said...

I like these...beautiful bold colours and shape!

Tanya said...

The desert island one makes me smile! They are cool Cam, well done

Kat McNally said...

Bummer about the Finders Keepers stall, Cam! I know you really had your heart set on that one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for next time.
In the meantime, I am going to check out your gorgeous Hexie collection. Yum yum!

Dianne said...

Very cool, very there no end to your amazing craftiness, limited only by the bounds of your imagination!!!

seabreezequilts said...

Hi Cam, love my necklace, its already had an outing (only to work though).