Sunday, December 22, 2013

....and a Merry Christmas to all

Whoah! What a year...

I just wanted to write a really quick post to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas this year. I've been quite overwhelmed with everything that has happened, and it's very difficult to put it all into words.

But, I really need to thank everyone who sent me a message of support during and after my transplant, and cheered me on during the hard times (and trust me... there were some very hard times during recovery).

Thankyou also to everyone who supported my little business this year by making a purchase or spreading the word about my little brand.

I haven't really kept the blog up to date with everything that's been happening around here, but one of the biggest changes, is that I went back to work permanent full time in October.  So, for fourty hours a week, I'm back in the office, doing what I used to do for many years before CurlyPops was created!

I'm absolutely loving being back at work (apart from the early mornings of course)... but it means that I really don't have much spare time to spend blogging. I'm trying to keep up with my fitness program after work, instead of spending any more time at a desk.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before I head down to the beach for a week. It's the first Christmas in years that I can spend time actually joining in the activities and having fun with my entire family, instead of being unable to do much at all, being connected to oxygen 24 hours a day, and being unable to leave Melbourne in case the phone rang.

While myself and my family are so very lucky to be able to celebrate Christmas this year, I'll also have my donor family in my thoughts and my heart. It will be the first Christmas that they will be spending with a member of their family missing. I will always be so forever grateful for this amazing new life that they have most generously given to me.

In that thought, I hope that wherever you are this Christmas, that you take the time to truly appreciate what a gift life really is, and if you're getting together with family and friends, please have the chat. Let everyone know what your wishes are when it comes to organ donation. There are so many of us who would no longer be here if those brave and generous families had not had the chat with their loved ones.

I'll be back here next year... Merry Christmas!

Cam x

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maribyrnong Makers Market

Come one, come all.... it's my last market of the year and a perfect opportunity to pick up a bargain.

Everything has been reduced to clear as I'm downsizing the product range now that I'm back working full time.

Market starts at 4.30PM and the weather is going to be absolutely perfect. See you there!!! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa Sacks on Sale!!!

Just a real quickie today!

It's not long til Christmas and I still have some Santa Sacks available, so they're now on sale at 25% off. That's an absolutely bargain for a unique handmade Santa Sack. Postage is also FREE

Get in quick!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printables - edited (technical problems solved)!

I popped these free Christmas Gift Tag printables on the blog last year, and Jenni reminded me about them yesterday when she posted a pic on Instagram.

You can either right click and save the JPEG file, or download the PDF version to print. Simply cut out, punch a hole and adds some string and you're all set!

They're sized for an A4 sheet.

If you don't want to use them as gift tage, you can also just cut them out to make an advent calendar like Jenni has done - brilliant idea!!!