Monday, January 31, 2011

Suave - Part One

Little Moo Moo is turning four this week - wowee how time flies!

He was just a little bubba when I began blogging..... his first birthday seems sooooo long ago now.

Now that he's a big boy, I thought that he needed a sophisticated and suave new outfit, and Bec had sent me a link to this supercute tutorial for a little boys vest.

When I went op shopping last week, I was also in search of a pair of mens plaid pants to transform into a vest, as per the tutorial, but instead, I actually bought a complete mens suit for $7.
So instead of following the tutorial, I made myself a half pattern from one of Moo's t-shirts (as per the tutorial), and then just winged it instead. The little sketch above shows how I laid down the pattern piece and cut out the vest. I've taken advantage of the original buttons and buttonholes, and the nice curved section at the bottom of the jacket.

I sewed the front and back pieces together, and then took it for a fitting. My original armholes were too small, so I had to increase them.

To finish off, I just added some binding to the neckline and armholes.

As I've only cut up the mens suit jacket so far, I still have an entire pair of pants that I can transform.... maybe Moo would like some matching trousers?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


The next couple of weeks are crazy busy with events, appointments, work, and social invitations, so I'm trying to get a head start on the crafty front.

A sweet little girl is having a birthday very soon, so I had an idea in my head to make a crazy ruffle skirt.
I don't get the opportunity to make girly things very often, so I have to make the most of every girly opportunity that arises!

Amelie is not a fan of pink (which meant that fifty percent of my stash was banished), so I decided on green, red and yellow... although there is a hint of pink in the stripes on the binding.

Hope she likes it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Frifty Friday

I hadn't been op shopping for the longest time.... it literally must have been months, so I was very excited to get out and about for a little oppy tour on Tuesday.

It seemed that everyone else had the exact same idea. The local oppies were bustling and there were line-ups at the counter each time (unheard of).

In my 'burb, we have Vinnies, the Salvos, and The Lighthouse in quite close vicinity to each other, so it was quite amusing to go from shop to shop and see the same faces. All the customers were following along and checking out all three shops.

Of course, the problem with the op shops being so busy, is that bargains were very few, and treasures were not be found.

But, I did pick up this dress for $7.50, and that was enough to make me smile!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Creative Space

It's my first creative space of the year, after I somehow managed to miss the re-start last week.

I'm afraid that all I can show is the remnants of yesterday's crafting.

I finished my second (and final) piece for the upcoming group exhibition at Red Brick Gallery in Ballarat.

I'll be there on opening night, which is Friday 4th February, but it runs for an entire month so there's plenty of time to head to Ballarat and check it out.

Now it's the thing that I don't like about finishing a project.... putting everything away and cleaning up my mess.

The home of My Creative Space

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Patchy Perfection

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this beautiful vintage sheeting patchwork doona cover to finally make it's way onto my bed.

It was a very lovely get well pressie that Bec made for me during my last hospital visit.  It was all freshly laundered and ironed and ready to go..... but then it sat in my smelly hospital suitcase for two weeks after I arrived home (whoops).

I popped it through the wash again this week so that it was all nice and fresh again.... but when it comes to ironing, that's where I draw the line.

Instead, it's all soft and crinkly and snuggly..... just the way I like it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Pick a Winner

Thankyou so much to everyone who entered my bloggiversary giveaway.

Here's hoping that I can find something to keep blathering on about for another three years!

Without further ado, there were 40 entries in total.... and the random number generator chose number 23

It's Lisa from The Princess and The Monkey

Congratulations Lisa - I'll be in contact so that you can choose your favourite pouch as a prize!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Evolution of a Granny Bag

It all began with a hand sketched drawing.....

....which became a design way back in November last year.

It was digitally printed as a lovely linen cotton blend fabric sample in December (right here in Australia), and has been longingly fondled and gazed at ever since.

It's finally been transformed into a handbag, just the perfect size for me and all of my bits and bobs.

I'm hoping to be able to share the fabric printing news very shortly, but in the meantime, I have more samples on the way, and I'll hopefully have some granny square fabric available very soon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Escaping to the Country

I packed three of my nephews into the car yesterday, and took a little drive to the country to visit my mum.

Even though it was hot in Melbourne, there was a lovely cool breeze down in the south west of the state.

Gypsy the Shetland loved all of the extra attention.... the poor old ducks, not so much!

The boys were able to collect eggs from the chooks, ducks and turkeys.

The quails had just had little babies on Friday, so there were five tiny little yellow fluff balls (and one grey one) running around the bottom of the bird aviary.

The little boys collected turkey feathers with Nana to create these fantastic headbands. I just need to add some elastic to the backs of them, and then return them.

It was such a lovely day out. I really should do it more often!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed it....... by that much!

I was just sitting here reading Leonie's Bloggiversary post, when I all of a sudden realised that I'd totally missed my very own 3 year Bloggiversary last Saturday (15th January).

From my very first post, until today.... it's certainly been an experience!

There have been 1335 posts so far, and life is absolutely nothing like it was just three short years ago.

Anyway, I think that after sticking with it for so long, I should have a little celebration and a giveaway.

The rules are super simple:

  • Come back and tell me which is your favourite.
  • The random number generator will choose a winner, and the winner will receive the pouch that they've chosen.
  • Entries Close - Tuesday night (25th Jan) at 8PM AEDST

Good luck!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Arthur and Nancy

This is Arthur and Nancy.

They're firm friends, so they're very happy to be travelling together all the way up north to join the rest of the Hope Softies.

I hope they have a safe trip!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mmmmm cake....

I had a lovely visit from Cathie and her two sweet little munchkins yesterday. They brought along a beautiful new sketchbook for me (perfect timing as my current one is almost finished), and these delicious cupcakes, and some very yummy banana bread.

Photo courtesy Melbourne Epicure

This is the second time that I've had this banana bread, and it's truly the most delicious one I have ever tasted. Cathie has shared the recipe on her blog.

Another sweet little munchkin has been hard at work making me pressies to take home. Nikki's wee girl is starting school very soon, which means that I won't see her as often..... I'm going to miss her, but she has invited me over to her house for a playdate!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fussy Bugs

On Monday, I took my two eldest nephews on a Minibeast Safari which is part of the Summer By The Sea program run by the DSE.

We learned all about the different types of bugs and insects that live in our waterways, and how the fussy bugs determine the quality of the water. Basically, if you can find fussy bugs, then the water is nice and clean.

After learning about the types of bugs that we would find, everyone had a turn at catching some bugs with the net.

Then the boys had to separate the tadpoles from the bugs.... so that the bugs didn't end up being lunch!

With their tray of Minibeast Soup, they had to identify and separate the different bugs....

.... and then they were also able to build model bugs.

Sasha from Melbourne Water did a fabulous job in keeping all of the different aged kids entertained and interested the whole way through the session, and the boys had a great time.

The Summer By The Sea program has lots of free activities, and you can also keep up to date on Facebook.

** No Minibeasts were harmed during the safari (they all ended up back in their little pond)
**Good news - we found Fussy Bugs which means that the water was nice and clean
**Thanks to Beky for the tip off!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A half starter.... and spreading some Hope

I seem to be having some attention deficit problems at the moment. I'm blaming the increased steroids.

I keep starting new crafty projects. I started five separate things on Sunday afternoon. I'm yet to finish any of them. What on earth was I thinking?

The ideas just keep swirling around in my brain. Getting those ideas into action is a completely different story.

In the meantime, I do, at least, have two nearly finished Hope Softies.

It's just a tiny little drop in the ocean, but it might make someone smile after the last horrendous week.

If you think that you could also make a softie, pop on over to see Steph at Mon Petit Poppet and sign up here. If you're looking for a free pattern to use, Fuzzy Bear can be found over on my tutorials page.

It was also announced yesterday that the Red Cross has launched an appeal for the thousands of people currently affected by the Victorian Floods. If you can help, you can make a donation here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Colour Swap

I find it quite astonishing that not everyone loves my favourite colour combination of pink and orange (well maybe not too astonishing).....

So if you didn't like Dame Edna in my favourite colour combo, she's now available in dark steely grey, and turquoise.
and Clark Kent is now available in Purple!

So tell me, what's your favourite colour combo?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend

No time.... talk

We're off to the park....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Again

My nephew likes to hoard stuff.

It's usually really junky stuff like rubber bands, blu-tack, soft drink can ring pulls, and the like..... so every couple of weeks, my sister has to go through his room to find all the hiding spots and throw out the rubbish that he's managed to collect.

But this week, she found these two packets.

He'd bought them with his pocket money from the school christmas stall as a pressie for me, but he'd hidden them so well in his room that he'd forgotten all about them!

 Lucky me - it's Christmas all over again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Even in the 'burbs

It's amazing how flooding rivers bring out the sightseeing gene in everyone (including me.... ahem)!

My old backyard - sigh!

My old house backed onto the local river, but we had a giant stone floodwall instead of a back fence, so thankfully, there was never a threat of flooding.

Behind the old house, there is a floodplain with walking paths, and a giant hill that we use to use for Go-Kart Rides.

 I went for a little drive today to check it out.....  it's the path on the left hand side of the photo.

... and it seems to now be a waterslide!

....and it just keeps raining

Photo taken from my sisters driveway thismorning

This weather is just crazy. Now parts of Victoria are flooding too.

This is the Historic Hut in the park across the road from my sisters house at 7AM.....

..... and then at 9AM.

The creek usually ends down below those trees in the distance.

Luckily they're on the high side of the street and their house is built up high also, but Dear Mother Nature - please STOP now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Watching the devastation unfold in QLD this week has left me speechless.

Everyone feels completely helpless at this early stage of the disaster. The most useful thing to do right at this very moment is to make a cash donation and wait until the call comes for other diffferent types of help.

There are many ways to donate cash, either directly to the QLD Premiers Relief Fund, or via fundraising efforts.

Check out the all of the fundraising links over on the Handmade Help blog.

The Craft Space

The Room Divider Curtain aka Kids Art Gallery

I'd promised photos of the craft space yesterday, but the day ended up going completely haywire after a 6AM start in order to get to a couple of hospital appointments in the city.

There was very nearly hair tearing out and tears of frustration due to hospital holiday staffing schedules, admin and nursing staff who were unfamiliar with regular patients and routines, and arguments with doctors over PBS criteria that I don't seem to fit...... square peg, round hole - yep that's me.  Then I wonder why I'm going grey and my hair is falling out - sheesh!

Some days I get really sick of fighting for what I need. It's a constant never-ending battle, but I refuse to give up and I refuse to take NO for an answer.

Once the disaster was all over, the only reasonable cure was to head to my favourite cafe for a giant bucket of coffee, and a sugar hit (passionfruit tart), and a whinge and whine to my sister to make me feel better.

Then I came home and sat in my lovely craft space...... and realised that it was far too hot to sit next to the iron and sew, so I did a little fabric cutting instead. For some reason, I always find cutting up little bits and pieces for my projects quite soothing and meditative.

Even though it's still a little messy (and a little white and bland), everything I need is right where I need it.....
 ...... and I can hide all of the really messy stuff behind closed doors. Perfect!