Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hoppo SuperPops Bumpo

She promised me boob tassels.... and she delivered!

Liesl is a very talented artist - as evidenced by these amazing drawings. I'm loving the flower closure on the cape and those very cool yellow boots..... if only I could live the life of my alter-ego superhero creation - what bliss!

This might just be the very last entry in the SuperPops Challenge.

I'll be back tomorrow (after Nico's birthday party) with the details on how to vote for your next top favourite fabulous SuperPops creation.

The Mookah Challenge - Completed (sort of)

Just in time for the final day of Blogtoberfest.... I completed my challenge set by the lovely girls over at Mookah.

After the complete failure of trying to make the felted jumper into a softie, I appliqued it onto a new cushion cover instead. I used the same base fabric as my one of my new art canvasses, so now I have a cute little cushion for the couch.

There is however half of a felted jumper left over, so I don't think that I can truly say that I completed the challenge...... stay tuned for more felty jumper to come in the future!

Tinniegirls SuperJoyPopsDoll

It's nearly time to close the competition..... the very last day of Blogtoberfest for this year.

This beautiful entry came in thismorning from Tinniegirl (I want that dress by the way). We're heading out to celebrate the final day in this wonderful Melbourne sunshine, so I bid you adieu until later.....

PS - If you have any last minute entries, please email me the link mscurlypops (at) gmail (dot) com - voting lines will open tomorrow (yep just like my favourite reality tv)!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A little red dress

I had a fun day out with Bec today..... a scrumptious lunch (we both ordered a big breakfast of course), and then we spent the afternoon checking out some lovely handmade and crafty shops.

I found this gorgeous vintage red dress at a new and very cute little shop in Yarraville named Mandrake and Willow. They stock lots of lovely vintage and handmade items.

I bought it home and teamed it one of my flower brooches....

We also found another new shopfront for The Craft Circle. They stock everything that you could ever need for all different types of felting (nothing acrylic - all pure wool). They also have hand dyed and commercially dyed felt sheets, plus books, craft kits, and sorts of lovely things. The website hasn't been updated yet but they're at 52 Williamstown Rd, Yarraville.

After all that eating and shopping and excitement, we ended the day at the gelati shop - PERFECT!


Donkey wanted to get in on the SuperPops action too!

This caped crusader is the creation of Trashalou (mother of Destructoboy)..... and he's looking very swisho indeed. I hope I'm not going to cause a huge family ruckus in Trashcan land if one of these entries is the winner.

I think I'd be quite happy if donkey arrived on my doorstep and wanted to save me....

Super Coco Pops

My little sister has decided to finally re-join blogland and to get into the spirit of blogtoberfest, she's created her very own SuperPops...... jeez Sel, I know you really miss me so now you can just hang me on your wall!

She's earned brownie points for using my favourite breakfast cereal, but I think I'm going to have to disqualify family members.

Apparently I'm a Love Goddess.....who knew?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Musical Pops

Another splendid entry in the SuperPops Challenge - SuperPops loves a bit of a groovy tune!

This one is from the very musical Ms L and here's the note that came with it:

I decided to draw my own musical superpops.
As you can see she is drawn on manuscript paper, but she is also made up of all musical symbols and notes.

Her hair is treble clefs, her headband is made with quavers, her eyes are flats, her nose is a crotchet rest, and her mouth is a bass clef. Even her breast plate is an alto clef. Her arms and legs are crochets and minims, and she has magic bracelets made from sharps. She has a belt made from a repeat sign that also has natural sign for the buckle. Finally her sleeves are bar lines.

Thanks Ms L!

SuperPops..... it's all downhill to the loo from here!

Does anyone else remember the days when the toilet paper cosy was a decorating institution?

Angie from Stumptious Fiber Arts has created this hilarious SuperPops Challenge entry. I always wanted to have my likeness in every household worldwide..... so when you're sitting on the loo, you can think of me (okay maybe not)!

Thanks Angie, you cracked me up!

My creative space

It's Nico's 2nd birthday next Monday, so I've been getting to work making him some new pants.

I've used my new Burda 9793 pattern - these ones are 3/4 length pants in size 2. I couldn't follow the instructions to the letter, as I really needed to overlock the corduroy to prevent any fraying.

It's difficult to see in the photo, but this is the first time that I've tried this type of side hip pocket. I think it's pretty cute.

I didn't bother with pockets on the back - does a 2 year old really need pockets anyway (they usually just get filled up with dirt and sand)?

My next job is to cut out the shorts pattern and whip up a pair of those too, and then I just need a couple of appliqued tees and I'm done.

Make sure to head on over to see Kirsty and sign up or just check out who else is playing along today.

Destructoboy Vs Super Roller Derby Pops

Now this SuperPops Challenge entry has perfect timing because SuperPops is seriously considering taking up the very cool sport of Rollerderby..... or maybe she'll just go and eat a choctop and some maltesers and popcorn and watch the movie!

The very talented artist behind this picture is Destructoboy (Trashalou's little boy). I'm very glad to see that he's looking after the health of my kneecaps, and I'm sure there's a helmet under that SuperPops crown.

Thanks so much Destructoboy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SuperPops - why the judges have been officially disqualified

The Head Judge (my nephew Mr X) is hereby tendering his forced resignation from the judging panel for The SuperPops Challenge, due to the fact that he has secretly submitted an entry.

Apparently I have blue wirey hair and very scary looking teeth (maybe I should be visiting the haridresser and the dentist sometime soon)!

Thankyou Mr X - your judging services are no longer required.

The ruling is final
Your show has been cancelled
You have been evicted
You're fired
You're the last team to arrive
You are not the next...... insert blurb here - top model, australian idol, masterchef, biggest loser

Can you tell that I'm a little bit addicted to reality tv?

SuperPops to the FORE!

Hilarious! I couldn't stop chuckling.

This fabulous SuperPops entry is from Stacy over at A Rosy Outlook. I used to play golf back in my younger days, and I still like watching it on the telly.

SuperGolfPops has a very special cape and tiara which gives her superhero-ness (and very sensible shoes too).
Thanks Stacy!

PS - A huge thanks to everyone for the feedback on the butterfly brooches - I didn't manage to reply to everyone sorry, but I have some great new ideas for improvements.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Aaaaaaahhhhh! I've been felted and shrunken!

This super cute entry in the SuperPops Challenge is from Rose and Ivy.

Gotta love a pair of purple knee high boots - I could get into a lot of trouble wearing those!

Only four more days to get your entries in.... time is ticking - tick tock tick tock

Butterfly or Butterflop?

I've been tinkering around with the idea of making some butterfly brooches for quite a while now. I had a little bit of spare time Saturday afternoon (after a big sleep in), and this is what I came up with.

I'm not quite sure if the size is appropriate. I need to make them large enough to easily disguise the brooch finding at the back, but I need some more opinions.

Do you think the size is too large, and would you wear it?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Super Jar Pops

We're getting close to the end of Blogtoberfest but there are still entries flying in for The SuperPops Challenge.

This wonderfully creative entry is from Jodi of The Creative JAR. Made from reycled materials - including a phone book, magazines and a cereal box! She's uber cool and full of SuperPops power.

Thanks so much for joining in Jodi.

A blank canvas

I've been living in a house with very very very white walls for seven months now, and it's absolutely, completely not my decorating style or taste at all!

In previous houses, I've been able to paint every wall and room a different colour, and that made me happy. Now that I no longer have the ability to paint the walls, I have to just get creative with the accessories.

On Saturday, I finally made a start on my new art wall. I bought some cheap large canvasses a month or so ago and they've just been hanging around waiting to be transformed.

I picked some of my favourite fabrics from the stash, grabbed the staple gun from the garage and stapled away my afternoon......

..... to end up with this.

Pink, orange and red together make my heart sing!

This is Sundays effort - on the wall in my lounge area. Hanging around very happily with my beautiful Tinniegirl collages.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 25: Chooktober

I treated myself to another little pressie last week.

I spotted this sweet little chicken doorstop (made with a lovely vintage floral) over at Swirly Thoughts, and I just couldn't resist. I currently have one of those ugly plastic doorstops for the front door so this is a much better replacement.

Mr Chicken has a little zip at the bottom, so he arrives empty and you just fill him up with rice. I had brown or arborio to choose from, so I thought Mr Chicken would probably prefer brown rice.

When my package arrived, Lynsey had also included some of her gorgeous vintage storybook tags (perfect for the upcoming christmas pressies), little recycled notebooks, and a koala teatowel all the way from the UK!

Thankyou Lynsey for the extra sweet suprises. If you'd like your own doorchook, you can find one right here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 24: I see RED

Lastnight was the wonderful Redwork Quilt Hanging evening at the Abbotsford Convent.

There was a sea of red...... and a sea of lovely crafty bloggers and non-bloggers, all very eager to have a look at the exquisite finished masterpiece.

Kirsty has done such a magnificent job of the entire project. I can only imagine how much time and effort it's taken to get to this point.

My happy snaps certainly don't do any justice to the project, so please head on over to the official blog for a much better view, and all of the background information for the entire project.

I think Kirsty deserves a HUGE round of applause!

Friday, October 23, 2009


This is where I spent my day today - out in the lovely sunshine watching my nephews at their school sports carnival, and their blue team won the overall points tally for the day....

Then I was lucky enough to be able to attend the wonderful quilt hanging this evening .... but it's very late, I need to go to bed and save that for tomorrow.....

Blogtoberfest Day 23: Made It

Just in case you haven't heard, Made It has a new swanky blog with all of the latest news and some very lovely shopping guides, just in time for christmas!

Check it out here

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Cupie Lino Pops

This one is especially for my BIL.... a laminex and lino Betty Jo SuperPops.

From Liz:

She has a Red Laminex headdress, cape and pumps to Give her extra SUPER CUPIE powers!
She has on her Super Cupie Pops apron with the famous motif, and attacks her evil foes with pegs ...pinching them within an inch of their lives!

Here she is with her Super Cupie Posse..... oh so cute!

Thanks so much for playing along Liz.

How on earth are we ever going to be able to pick a winner? I'm thinking I might have to do a blog poll at the end of the month.....

Blogtoberfest Day 22: My Creative Space

Yesterday in My Creative Space (I'm not going to be home today, so I thought ahead).

Work in progress on the Mookah Challenge. I've had a slight setback already.

My original plan was to make a laptop bag, but the felted jumper was far too thick to go through the sewing machine. The next plan was to make a softie with the felted jumper as one layer, and fabric as the other layer. I managed to sew the two layers together on the machine..... and tried to turn it out for well over an hour (and using various blunt and sharp instruments and many expletives in the process) - until I packed it in and gave up!

So then I spent about another hour unpicking all of my mess.

Never fear, I have another idea! All is not lost just yet. Luckily I still have at least another week left until the end of Blogtoberfest.

Photo courtesy of Mr X

My nephew Mr X has been staying with me this week, so while he was playing games on the computer lastnight, I did a bit of clothes alteration. This gorgeous So! Indesign skirt was given to me by a friend who bought it for herself, but never wore it.

It was a bit large, so I removed some of the inner fabric panel, added some more velcro (I couldn't be bothered unpicking the existing velcro), and I used the fabric offcut to add a handy dandy side pocket. I think I might wear it to the Quilt Hanging Friday night.

Don't forget to visit Kirsty to play along and check out everyone elses lovely creative spaces...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 21: SuperDoughPops

I've been wondering when I'd see the first playdough entry, and here she is in all of her soft and pliable glory.... and in technicolour! She reminds me of that character from the muppets (or was it Fraggle Rock) - the one with braids and the big lips .... does anyone know the name?

Fran and her girls from Lovely Little Sweetpeas spent yesterday afternoon playing with playdough (ahhh..... brings back memories) to create this gorgeous version of SuperPops.

Thanks so much for playing along!

Blogtoberfest Day 21: A Pattern Question

I saw a very cute pair of shorts the other day over at Virtually Sally.

Sal was nice enough to search through and drag out the pattern brand and number for me - (Burda 9793) . I toodled off to Spotlight yesterday morning (I have nothing else in my area) and bought it.

I'm not very experienced in using clothing patterns, and I would normally just take it home and cut out the pattern at the size that I currently need. But, this time I actually thought ahead (and yes it did hurt).

The pattern is for sizes 2 - 6 and has shorts, three quarter pants, and pants. I have four growing nephews who currently fit into the size category for this pattern, and will do so for at least another four years. So, I really need shorts in all 5 sizes, three quarter pants in all 5 sizes, and pants in all 5 sizes.

There was absolutely no way on earth that I was going to be tracing off the pattern that many times, so instead, I headed to Officeworks and photocopied it.

My question is:

Is it ok for me to copy it if I'm only doing it for my own personal use to save time in tracing out all of the different sizes? I couldn't find anything specified on the pattern, and I have no intention of distributing it.... What do you think?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Why does fresh bed linen always attract a cat who likes to nap?

Blogtoberfest Day 20: Joy Doll + SuperPops = SuperMel

The very supersmart Mel from I Speak Melsh has managed to take on two challenges at once - above is Joyful Mel, which is part of The Creative Beasts Joy Doll challenge.

But Joyful Mel has a deep dark secret.....

She's also SuperMel!

Look - she can even fly....

The above photo is an entry from Lisa at Cute as Buttons - you have to read this post to find out more!

Thanks Mel and Lisa

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 19: Shop Update and Oppy Delights

I've popped some new brooches into The CurlyPops Shop.... I'm loving the pink and green combo - perfect for Spring!

My mum headed to Clunes last week to visit my sister. While I was out at a crafternoon, she came over and left me some op shop treats from her travels.

A copy of Handmade from 1984 - you should see some of the fashion horrors (there's a feature on 1980's knitwear designers) eeeeek!

But she certainly did well scoring this huge jar of miscellaneous buttons for $6. I haven't sorted through them properly yet but I'm sure there are some gems hiding in there somewhere.