Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig!

The view from my sisters front porch

Wowee, what a busy weekend!
Mr X had a curriculum day on Friday, so we headed up to Clunes Friday afternoon. Once the car was unpacked, we headed straight for the main street to Widow Twankeys Confectionery Emporium for a cappucino and an ice cream (boysenberry ripple...delicious).

On Saturday, it was an early start and we were off to the Daylesford Makers Market. My sis unloaded everything from the car, and helped me to set up and pack up (thanks Sel). My BIL spent a couple of hours Friday night rigging up a nifty contraption to hang my handbags, using an old bed frame that he had in the shed. It worked a treat.

I'm clearly still struggling with the less is more approach

After taking a couple of happy snaps of my stall, my point and shoot camera decided that it had battery issues, and decided not to work.... so for some more photos of the day, head over here and here and more here.

The market had such a lovely vibe, and all of the local ladies made us visitors feel very welcome indeed. When you have such lovely stallholders and customers, it makes the market a whole lot of fun (and the time passes really quickly)!

 Steph did a wonderful job of organising, and came straight over when I arrived to make sure that I had everything I needed, and made sure that I had a big country welcome. I was extremely excited to finally meet Jodie and after all this time. She is one of my super crafty bloggy heroes, and it seems that we've missed each other every time there's been a crafty catch up.

It ended up being crafty blog central for the day, with soooo many blogging stallholders and visitors (most wearing puffy brooches for quick identification). I'm going to try really really hard to list them all here, but I seem to have memory issues these days (as Danielle can attest to), so if I've missed you, please let me know and I'll update my list!

The Doily
Fox's Lane
The Essess
Dear Prudence
Hoppo Bumpo
Two Cheese Please
The Craft Gypsy
Copper Patch
Patch Andi
Chicken Flowertots
Teacups on Treetops
Blogless Jen
Julies Provincial Patch
Dear Fii
62 Cherry
Land of Meg
Yardage Girl 
Knitting Sprouts

A huge thanks to each and every person who came along and said hello, and bought handmade.

After all of the excitement of the market, Sel and I headed off for a very quick visit to Lark and bumped straight into Jodie and Annie....and had a quick laugh that we were all out and about still wearing our market aprons!

It was time for a very well deserved sleep in today. After a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup on toast, we headed into Ballarat.

First stop was Dear Prudence (after a few blockies due to me giving my BIL the wrong address number) - it's 434 Sturt St Ballarat, not 424! Then it was across the road (still in Sturt St) to Blonde Vintage.
We popped in to visit my dad for the rest of the afternoon, before bidding our farewells and heading back to the big smoke. I've arrived home tonight to find that my older sister (who was on cat feeding duty for the weekend), has cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. I'd left it in an absolute shemozzle of a mess on Friday, but now I can put my feet up and relax and watch some tv and just chill..... thanks Rach.

I still haven't unpacked my car, so the display of market / shopping loot will have to wait for tomorrow!


Andi said...

Your stall looked completely lovely.
Choc full of colour and fun!!
Andi :-)

Cathie said...

what a fabulous weekend!
sounds like you had a great market...but we missed you!!
what a great sis you have, my sister-in-law did the same for us because we couldn't keep our eyes open.

willywagtail said...

Woohoo! Sounds like wonderful weekend. And what a great sister to clean your house for you. Cherrie

Nikki said...

Oh how I wish I could have been in several differnet places on Saturday!!! It sounds like it was my kind of fun!!

Hope you enjoy the feet-up. I'll look forward to hearing the low-down from you on Tuesday.

Jennifer Rose said...

great weekend! and great sis for cleaning :)

your stall looks so bright and colourful. the bag rack is a good idea, looks good :)

Gypsy said...

Great to see you at the market Cam, I'm still drooling over my Curlypops brooch :)
Aren't you lucky coming home to a clean house! Well, they say nice things happen to nice people - you're just proving the rule.

yardage girl said...

Hi Cam - glad you enjoyed the market. Your stall was so lovely and bright! Happy recovering! Nic

Swirlyarts said...

Your stall looks great - and more is more sometimes!

One Flew Over said...

Looks and sounds like it was a great market!!

teddybearswednesday said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Your stall looks lovely and it seemed this market was the place to be!x

Unknown said...

Your stall looks great- what a lovely and helpful sister! Sorry I missed the blessed event- I had dogeared it in the calendar but of course hubby's work event took first place and ruled my hopes and dreams out! Heading to Magnolia Square markets this weekend in Mel... hope to find a few crafty goodies to complete my Christmas gifts.

xo m.

Cate Lawrence said...

Wow sounds like a fantastic day! Must've been great to meet so many crafty people to boot! Hope you sold lots of goodies, I saw your flower brooches at the Maker's Market, just beautiful :)

Meg said...

So lovely to meet you 'in real life'. Looking fwd to seeing your loot once you have unpacked it all. xx

Anonymous said...

the sort of weekend dreams are made of!!! fabulous market stall, meeting lots of bloggy friends, family catch-ups, great food, bit of shopping and home to a clean house.

this is all because special things happen to special people and that's you Cam :)

Lynda x

Marita said...

I so want to visit this market, along with Alison's fab shop. Aren't sisters the best!

Nikki said...

It does sound busy Cam but the good kind of busy! A great mix of family, friends and craft.

..... how gorgeous is that first photo. I bet lots of coffees are had on that porch.

Jodie said...

It was so exciting to finally get to meet you and it was such a fun bloggy circus of a day ! I hope we can get together again soon....

I am too scared to try and list everyone - you did an awesome job!

Portico on Sturt @ the Oceanic Lounge said...

Hey Curlypops!
Nice to meet you and for you to visit my shop! What a big day/weekend.
I've had so many people come in to visit since the market, including Laura and Steph, even though she took a day off! Suzie had a fun day too, and Ziggy was able to purchase books with her takings. It really was great!

Jenny said...

Glad you had such a good time and met up with so many bloggers and what a lovely sister!

Lea said...

me too me too - I had a great time and came so close to bringing your little pirate satchel home for my pirate.

handmaiden said...

Looks like you had a great time and yr stall looks super

Michelle said...

What a lovely day! Wish I could have been there. Maybe next year I'll get organised!

Corrie said...

ohhhh i love your stall! I'm going to go and have a good look at those pics again as I've got my first market next weekend and too much stuff! ahhhh! I love your set up!!!!!!!!!!! wish I could have been there to see it as it would have been lovely!

well done! i'm nervous as anything!