The Hottie Challenge

The Hottie Challenge is back for 2013
All the details (including the sign up) are here! 

The 2011 Hottie Challenge Exhibition was an extraordinary success!



Check out the photos in the Exhibiton Flickr Group here....

This is page 3 from the latest Margaret Pratt Foundation newsletter (issued November 2011)

Please feel free to save the image above and spread the word about the Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition

Alternatively - you can download the jpeg from Flickr here, or download a pdf version here:

Thanks so much to everyone who is joining in with the fun of The Hottie Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to make a hottie cover, which will be exhibited in the gallery space at Open Drawer Art Textiles and Learning Centre from Friday July 1 to Sunday July 24, 2011.

Our finished hotties are being donated to the Margaret Pratt Foundation, so that they may be sold to raise funds.

The Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust is a registered charity whose aim is to encourage, develop and maintain Australia’s world class expertise in the field of organ transplantation by supporting research that addresses the problems faced by children and adults after heart and lung transplant.
The aim of the research must be to improve the outcomes for heart and lung transplant recipients. 

Finished Hotties can be found in the Flickr Group 

Who is playing along?

1. CurlyPops  21. Trudi  41. ingrid  
2. Tinniegirl  22. Leonie @ cuppa & cake  42. Miss G  
3. Betty Jo  23. Emma @ The Handmade Amoeba  43. Sandrine @histoiredesoie  
4. m.e (cathie)  24. laura - pinksnowflakes  44. Amy  
5. Liesl  25. carly findlay  45. Ady @ CraftyAdy  
6. Vic  26. Selina  46. Julianne Negri  
7. Beccasauras  27. Kate  47. flowerpress  
8. Melanie  28. Lisa  48. Anna Bartlett  
9. Kuka  29. Liam  49. Tania  
10. Allison  30. Bella  50. Mistea  
11. Jodie  31. Lyndel  51. Lynne  
12. Cass  32. Charlotte  52. Magdalena, The Craft Revival  
13. Carmel (Solomon Sewing)  33. Cyndy  53. Adele  
14. Jennie  34. Margaret @ Konstant Kaos  54. naughtyshorts!  
15. Kylie @ mealyandi  35. Jess  55. Mairi  
16. Brianna  36. Leni and Rose  56. meg @ twohoots  
17. Selena  37. Lucy  57. Kylie  
18. Stomper Girl  38. Imogen  58. Cath @ bungalow babble  
19. Vireya  39. Zali  59. kel@ The Handmaden  
20. Posie Patchwork  40. Linda  60. Cintia  

61.   Megan - The Byron Life
62.   Sally - The Hardings
63.   Ro - Fuzziteddybear

Hottie Features:

Hottie No.1:    Trudi - Maude and Me
Hottie No.2:    Liz - Betty Jo
Hottie No.3:    Leonie - Cuppa and Cake
Hottie No.4:    Allison - Bea's Place
Hottie No.5:    Kate - Foxs Lane 
Hottie No.6:    Miss G - Indefinite Space
Hottie No.7:    Selena - The Essess
Hottie No.8:    Kelly - The Handmaden
Hottie No.9:    Jess - Teddy Bears Wednesday
Hottie No.10:  Adele - Downunder Lass 
Hottie No.11:  Susie - Flowerpress
Hottie No.12:  Jennie - A Little Vintage 
Hottie No.13:  Liz - Betty Jo
Hottie No.14:  Cintia - My Poppet 
Hottie No.15:  Tania - Myrtle and Eunice
Hottie No.16:  Lynne - Sister Outlaws 
Hottie No.17:  Vireya - Weed'n'Stitch 
Hottie No.18:  Caroline - Stompergirl
Hottie No.19:  Ady - Crafty Ady 
Hottie No.20:  Jacqui - Lost In The Moment 
Hottie No.21:  Margaret - Konstant Kaos
Hottie No.22:  Magdalena - The Craft Revival
Hottie No.23:  Ingrid - Lottielulu
Hottie No.24:  Anna - Shiny Happy Art
Hottie No.25:  Julianne - Sister Outlaws
Hottie No.26:  Lisa - The Princess & The Monkey
Hottie No.27:  Selina - Selinas Vintage
Hottie No.28:  Ro - Fuzziteddybear
Hottie No.29:  Tracey - Mistea Crafts
Hottie No.30:  Carmel - Solomon Sewing
Hottie No.31:  Cyndy - Wombats Picnic
Hottie No.32:  Kylie - Mealy And I
Hottie No.33:  Linda & Bel - Two Pink Possums
Hottie No.34:  Emma - The Handmade Amoeba
Hottie No.35:  Kylie - A Little Red Dress
Hottie No.36:  Liesl - Hoppo Bumpo
Hottie No.37:  Sarah - From The Trinity Street Loft
Hottie No.38:  Cath - Bungalow Babble 
Hottie No.39:  Bron - Krafty Kuka
Hottie No.40:  Sandrine - Histoire de Soire
Hottie No.41:  Cathie - Melbourne Epicure
Hottie No.42:  Cam - CurlyPops (that would be moi)!
Hottie No.43:  Cathy - Tinniegirl
Hottie No.44:  Brianna - Rolling in Fabric
Hottie No.45:  Melanie - Sugarlemon
Hottie No.46:  Megan - The Byron Life