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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Bernice....

With all of the excitement thats been happening at CurlyPops headquarters (olympics, mixtogether, brown owls, head in a bucket), I forgot that the lovely Bernice had bestowed an award on me last week. I only remembered when I was blogsurfing lastnight and read Sherrins blog.

So now it is my bloggy duty to share the love and bestow this award on some more crafty bloggers.....this is really difficult because there are sooooooo many fantastic blogs (about 170 at last count) that I read religiously.

So these are four of my faves...if you haven't checked them out yet then you definitely should!

Thanks Bernice.

PS. Thanks for all the get well wishes.....they definitely worked!

PPS. Blogger is throwing a spacing wobbly...sorry about that.