Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snippets


Asleep on the good quilt

Intragam Instagram

Intragam Hexie stitching

Hexie stitching in bed

I had a little photoshoot at my place this week, so I finally re-covered my boring old lampshade with one of my own fabric designs.


Hexie stitching on the couch

Mr Limpy Houdini Dogs friends have gone back home, so he's back to his normal routine:
  • Sleep on Nanas chair
  • Get up and eat
  • Sleep on couch
  • Get up and eat
  • Sit staring out front door and bark at anyone who dares to walk past 
  • Sleep under my feet
  • Go outside and bark at some birds
  • Sleep on couch
  • Get up and eat
  • Go back to sleep on Nana's chair

Most of the creative stuff took place on the computer this week, so I don't really have much to show. Stay tuned though, because there are new fabric designs due to arrive this week. Exciting!

In the meantime, I shall get back to my hexies...

Sunday Snippets with Tinniegirl


Mrs A said...

I like Limpy's routine ! The lamp looks fab in your fabric, and being a nurse intragram is what i think of everytime i see instagram ! Hope you are having a lovely sunday :)

Jennifer Rose said...

aww houdini returns :D

Michelle said...

New fabric designs!



So much to love about this post.

If only we could do something about that intragram wall though.

Bron said...

Love those colourful hexies.....look like they could go with you anywhere. xxx