Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snippets

A few snippets from my week...

Things may be a little quiet on the blog front for a while.

I'm back at the hospital three days a week for rehab gym sessions, tests, appointments etc.
But, worst of all, I'm not allowed to use any machinery that vibrates..... including my sewing machine (GASP)!

Bec came over to play nurse this weekend, so I just had to watch as she sewed, and overlocked and made me two lovely new summery nighties.

I also have the shakes from the anti-rejection drugs, which makes it hard to hand sew, write neatly, or take an un-blurry photo.

In the meantime, I'm working on something that doesn't require sewing, and is even slightly immune from the shakes.  Fingers crossed it works!


JaBCreations said...

I think you are amazing Cam. Your sense of humour always shines through despite the many challenges you face.

Nikki said...

You are UNSTOPPABLE... always creating, always getting on with things. You really are SuperPops!

PS. And thanks for the bag and feedback. You're also a super-trouper!

Bron said...

great to see some of the old Cam sneaking back in...keep recovering well. xxxx

Miss Prudence said...

I see a shot of bacon - surely a most promising sign!
Thinking of you lots - take it easy honey, we will all be here waiting for you xxx

The Creative Beast said...

OH! that plate looks DELICIOUS! Glad you are continuing to recuperate, though not being able to use your sewing machine is a tough one. I look forward to seeing just what you ARE working on, you sly girl =-)

Jennifer Rose said...

houdini! dont fall!

i'm curious why you can't use machinery that vibrates, must look that up

Naturally Carol said...

Why am I not surprised that bacon is on your menu? I had a look at your commissioned 'baconpalooza' cushion...hehe! I guess if you can't sew...there is always bacon to be cooked, printed, embroidered...looked at? Have a great week Cam!