Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Still Make Stuff

You'd never know it from reading this blog, but there's still some crafting going on around these parts!

Being short on time means that it mainly only ends up on Instagram rather than the blog.... but I thought I'd have a quick catch up here today.

One of the things that I really wanted to do this year was to make more clothes for myself.

I've already had heaps of wear from my Washi Dress. It's been lovely and cool for the 40 degree weather we've been having!

This is a quick summer top whipped up from a Vintage Simplicity 5007 pattern. Nice and cool and comfy.

This one was a WIP for a few weeks... the bodice was drafted using the same Vintage Simplicity 5007 top pattern (as above). I just shortened the bodice and then drafted a skirt to match.

I didn't even bother with a zip in this one. I just made it loose enough to slip over my head - the perfect lazy summer dress!

Have a super fab weekend all.... and make sure to check out the gorgeous goodies in the fundraising shop!


Bronwyn said...

I LOVE all of these Cam! maybe the teal is my favourite -perfect stripe matching and well, teal is my fave colour. Are they all in a quilting cotton or lighter?

Sally said...

I was just thinking about you this morning. Baby #4 has left me a bit short of time too. I was thinking that you're a bit quiet in this space and I smiled because I felt that with those new gas bags of yours you'd be out riding a bike & chasing your nephews not teethered to a tank and a laptop. You've been in my thoughts loads over the past year. Do so hope it is all going well. I "see" you now and again on instagram - when I'm there. Take care dear crafty friend.

...oh yeah - beautiful sewing. Love.

JaBCreations said...

Great to see that you are fulfilling your ambition. And now you have the energy to go out and show off your lovely makes.

Jo said...

All lovely and they do look cool. I am hoping to start making clothes again now that I have finished my study!

Anna said...

I really like the colours you have used. Bright and cheery.

Megan said...

Instagram takes over a bit doesn't it. Poor neglected blogs all over the world! Yay for lots of new made-by-you clothes. I wish I loved sewing!

Bron said...

Great your colour choices too. Xxx

nicole said...

wow! they all look so cool!
definitely need to get to making some more of my own clothes too!
you're inspiring me lady!

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

I love your dresses, and particularly the fabric on the blue one. I'm trying to do some more sewing for myself these days too, not least because I know that I'll actually wear what I make (unlike the picky toddler) and that it shouldn't be grown out of any time soon (unlike stuff made for her larger siblings).

Cakelaw said...

I love the pink dress - it is a gorgeous colour and looks so cool and comfortable.

Unknown said...

They look awesome!