Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a minute......in September

Quick as a flash, September is coming to an end....so it's time for Just A Minute.

Some lovely craft magazines from Liesl...looking for some inspiration.

I watched the last episode in season one of Dexter. Can't wait for season two.
I haven't been watching much else apart from a few new episodes of Martha.

To all my spring / summer cd swaps. It's always great to get some exposure to new types of music that I don't nomally listen to.

Drowning myself in lots of chocolate and cake...always works wonders.

Not much this month, I have to get back on the bandwagon...just waiting for the full on crafting mojo to return. I'm definitely getting out some craft supplies thisafternoon.

For a new place to live to start my new independant life. It must have a pool room....and a nice kitchen and bathroom wouldn't go astray either! It has to be all on one level, no stairs, a small courtyard (just enough for me and the cat), three bedrooms, and a garage.

Head on over and visit Jen to join in....


A said...

Mmmmmm cake and chocolate - must go NOW and have some...

Kali said...

chocolate & cake are good, very good *grin*
don't worry too much about the crafting mojo, with so much going on, maybe just something small which you can pick up and put down whenever the urge grabs you.
good luck...my thoughts are with you.

Cindy said...

Here's to october and new happiness and joy around the corner that you didn't even know was waiting for you!

Unknown said...

I used to swap mix CDs with friends quite a lot, but since the iPod it just doesn't happen. Think I need to give it a comeback!

Jenny said...

The healing powers of chocolate and cake are amazing-good luck looking for your new home-something special is waiting just for you:)

Christie said...

hope you find a fantastic new home cam... enjoy the chocolate cake, always make me feel better too :-)

Two Peas In a Pod said...

good luck on the house hunting. dont settle, if you love a great kitchen make sure you get it. Oh, and you cant talk about choc. cake with a pregnant girl around. You know that now i want to eat choc. cake. LOL...yummmm
Cheers kyla

Kirsty said...

I'm sending lots of good pool room & nice kitchen vibes your way Cam.

Kylie Bowers said...

LOVE that Fabric!