Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a April

April has disappeared with the blink of an eye, and I've made it just in time for Just A Minute.


Lots of craft books this month. I've been flicking through all of my old classics, and some that I borrowed, looking for some new inspiration. I have plans for new things I'd really like to try.
I had a hospital appointment today so I started reading Hollywood Girls Club by Maggie Marr. It's a great read - funny and interesting. As per usual, I only had one chapter to go when I was finished and had to go home. I could have quite easily just stayed right there in the comfy chair and finished it!


I think I must have polished off about 10kgs of chocolate this month..... between Easter, my new addiction to Peppermint Aero blocks (I can eat a whole block in one sitting - I blame the air bubbles), a re-kindled love for the old classis Nestle Crunch, The Chocolate Room and a newly discovered Patisserie in the main street of my suburb.


This month has been a sewing bonanza. There have been lots of aprons, and handbags, kids pressies, manbags, keyrings, lanyards.... but there are always many more things in my head just waiting for the right time.


I'm a bit sad that The Biggest Loser has finished. There's something about that show that always makes me want to eat chocolate. I'm trying to get into Masterchef now as a 7PM replacement.
I'm missing all of my favourite Foxtel shows... after having Foxtel for the last ten years, I had forgotten just how pathetic commercial tv really can be, especially on weekends.
The upside is that now I'm watching a lot less television.

Looking Forward To:

Catching up with everyone at the market on Saturday, and then heading down to Sydney Rd Saturday night for a belated birthday celebration of delicious Turkish food with Tinniegirl and Ms L.


Jennifer Rose said...

I love mint Aeros! they are so addicting :D
I'm always looking for new books to read so will have to check out Hollywood Girls Club :)

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

How did the Apointment go?
MMMM chcolate! I like Andes Candies myself :) Sounds like you are quite busy. I love all your bags. I have been sewing and blogging about it a little more lately I am so excited that the girls are reaching an age where they can play togehter for an hour while mommy has a little fun with some needle and thread.
Hope your day is blessed:)

Reenie said...

That apron is ACE !!!!

Cass said...

I loved the Biggest Loser too. I'm not loving Masterchef after seeing the UK version on Fox, which is much better

Barbara said...

Love the apron! Glad you had a fun birthday :D

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Haha! The Biggest Loser also made me want to eat, but it was ice cream for me. I'm sure that's not their aim on the show!! xx

Cosy said...

Diana's face is just too tragic for words! She knows it's a bad idea!

Aero chocolate IS so much lighter than regular blocks of chocolate. Look at the weight on the pack. Trust me, you are thoroughly normal! Now I'm going to think about Mint Aero all day (replacing my current obsession: Crunchie. I don't know why either!).


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh that apron is too good to be true. I love it.

I'm so looking forward to Saturday.

Corrie said...

ohhh aero block! I'm really getting into chocolate but I'm afraid its going to catch up on me so I use my jeans as my scales

I just can't get into masterchef! I missed foxtel too, when we moved back to sydney I turned it off but after b/feeding babies watching 2 hours of infomercials I said enough and without asking hubby's permission got us back package and all now! I can't help it but for 1 person it must be hugely expensive! at least there are 5 of us and I don't pay the bills!!!!!

good luck tomorrow...