Monday, June 20, 2011

What's the opposite of belated?

I'm usually totally tardy when it comes to giving birthday pressies to friends.... so this is quite unbelievable but true (insert spooky music).

Beryl was ready an entire month early.

Beryl is a completely custom large size (115mm frame instead of 90mm frame) Sunnies Pouch

Perfect to fit a giant pair of sunnies (like all the cool kids wear).

PS - I'm guest blogging over at My Poppet today (how super exciting) while Miss Cinti is off in Japan shopping and having a lovely time.... wish I was there too!


Naturally Carol said...

You are an early bird! I'd rather catch the rays than the worms any time though..especially with that glam sunnies case!!

Sarita Leone said...

Love it!

Nothing wrong with early!

Easy peasy organic said...

The opposite of belated? Clever.

Sheeprustler said...