Monday, June 10, 2013

Do you wallpaper?

I had so much fun making over my bedroom chest of drawers with wallpaper recently, that I thought I'd share the love.

I'm releasing twelve different wallpaper designs in small craft packs.

They're perfect for artwork, cardmaking, scrapbooking, furniture makeovers.... hey, you could even use them on the wall!

Each pack comes with full 'how to' instructions...

There are three designs in each pack.

 Now ready and waiting in the shop!

PS - I'll be writing a little 'Drawer Makeover How To' guide very soon - I promise!


JaBCreations said...

Love the retro florals.

The Creative Beast said...

Your designs are wonderful Cam!! love the punchy colors =-)

Jennifer Rose said...

i hate wallpaper:/ i live in a country that wallpapers every wall in a house an its always ugly stuff.
), would really brighten up an area tho :)

Unknown said...

Have I told you lately how clever I think you are . You really are !