Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Chance Hottie Sale

We still have some leftover Hotties from The Hottie Challenge so there'll be a last chance Hottie Sale starting tonight at 7.30PM.

Each Hottie is for sale for $25 (plus postage) and all funds will be donated to  The Margaret Pratt Foundation

Sale ends Tuesday night at 8.00PM - anything leftover at that time will be donated to the foundation to sell!

Head on over to the CurlyPops Facebook page for all the details!

Here's the link to the Hottie Sale Album

1 comment:

claire edwards said...

hi, just wondering how to actually buy one of these hotties? I can see them on the gallery page, but no instructions for purchasing...also I am assuming my hottie was sold, (as its not there anymore)so happy!