Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Crafty Weekend

Sometimes a crafty weekend is all you need!
Friday night dinner was yummy porterhouse steak and potato bake. I usually make it with lots of cream and tasty cheese, but this version I used chicken stock instead (a bit more healthier).

B-Fab visited the Zumbo Pop-Up shop at the Cullen Hotel on Friday, and arrived with these - top is Milo, bottom is Pina Colada. O.M.G.

A bit of Friday night crafting (and a typical shaky blurry photo from me - damn anti-rejection meds)!

It's so lovely to have a houseguest that makes hot milo and serves up dessert while I'm sewing!

On Saturday, we picked up Michelle and headed to Geelong to visit Jennifer at A Piece Of Cloth.
We spent over two hours here - it's completely amazing. So many beautiful vintage quilt tops and vintage fabrics, and Jennifer is an absolute font of knowledge about them - everything from age, fabric type, the types of dyes used..... and so on!

Most definitely worth a road trip for anyone who loves fabric.

Next stop was lunch - we celebrated International Bacon day in style!

.... and then headed across the road to visit Joy (with jazz hands of course)

Just around the corner was this sweet little shop named Frank & Dollys - lots of lovely things and great service (unlike another handmade shop we visited later in the day - we were being watched as if we were going to shoplift and didn't even get a hello when we walked in. NO money was spent there)!

Hope everyone had a lovely fathers day!


Anna said...

I didn't know that there were these great fabric shops in Geelong. I have taken notes for my next visit to Geelong.

yardage girl said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend :: lucky girls!!

Michelle said...

It was such a great weekend!! So relaxing and inspiring spending the day with you and B_Fab. Best company out there!

Jodie said...

looks like you had an awesome weekend !!! I never think to visit Geelong on crafty adventures but you have inspired me

Megan said...

Sounds like just a lovely weekend to me! I can't stand it when shop assistants can't even be bothered saying hello to you, the only customer in the shop. What snobs.

Cakelaw said...

Looks like a fun weekend - love the pics!

Jennie said...

You have been so busy!!
Love those macaroni cakes(?) they look delicious!!x