Monday, April 18, 2011

An Easter Reminder

Amy reminded me tonight that she has booked to donate blood again this week, so I thought it was the perfect time to remind everyone else as well.

Easter is an extremely busy time for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Lots of regular donors go away on holidays, and there are many more accidents on our roads. Each week, more than 27.000 donations are required to help patients in need.

You can read about why I need donated blood here.

Check the Easter opening hours here.

Although you can book online, this only allows you to book for an appointment in six days time. If you wish to donate prior to Easter, please call 131495.

PS - The ARCBS has many more permanent donation centres running recently, so it's definitely worth checking whether there is a new one near you!


Naturally Carol said...

A very timely reminder..when I gave birth to mr t I lost a lot of blood and was signed up for a transfusion..fortunately I ended up not having to have one. I am sure there are women every week who do need one after child birth though, and a donor may save the life of a new mum.

Maxabella said...

A great reminder! And yum, yum, yum those bunnies are LOML's favourite!! x

Allison said...

Me and the hubby donated today CurlyPops!! I am back to donating plasma after a 6 month exclusion (iron levels were way too low but now they are all good) and he gave a whole blood donation.

So if a little bit of us finds it's way to you (or anyone who needs it) - then that is bloody (pun) awesome!!


Ky said...

I donate several times a year but I'm not due to donate again till next month.

Andi said...

School holidays are a crap time for me to donate .... too hard to offload the small ones.
But I'm booked in for May!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the reminder Cam. Prior to babies, breastfeeding and ankle surgery I was a regular plasma donor, I will call and get my behind back in a donor chair.