Sunday, February 19, 2012

Donate Life Week 2012

Today is the start of Donate Life Week 2012.

This year it's a lot more up close and personal.

Since I've been blogging, each year, at this time, I've written a little bit about organ donation, and how at some time, in the future, I would need a double lung transplant.

Well, that time came, and today marks my 172nd day on the waiting list.

I think about it every day.

I know that I'm preaching to the converted here on the blog, as I've had so many messages and comments from everyone who has signed up to the national register, and has discussed it with their family.

So this year, just for something a little bit different, I'm going to issue a challenge....

The challenge is:

At some time during Donate Life Week (Sunday 19th - Sunday 26th February), have a discussion about organ donation with someone whom you've never discussed the issue with before.

It could be a co-worker, the checkout operator, the lady at the post office, your neighbour, one of your kiddies schoolteachers, the lollipop lady, or the person in the queue next to you at the shops.

Feel free to use me, or this blog to bring it up in the conversation. Maybe you could start with... Do you know its Donate Life Week? I have a friend/read a blog by someone who is waiting for a lung transplant....

If you do take on the challenge, I'd love it if you could come back and leave a comment to let me know!

Also feel free to pop this pic in your sidebar for the week and link it to the Donate Life website.

If you'd like to learn more about organ donation, or you would like some resources for your family, so that you can discuss the issue, the Donate Life website is a fantastic resource, jam packed full of everything you could ever need to know.

No matter what happens, your family will always need to give the final consent, so it's vitally important that they know your wishes, and that you sign up to the national register.

Thankyou... from the bottom of my poor overworked, enlarged, moderately pulmonary hypertensive heart and bronchiectasised lungs!

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Lastnight in Sydney, the premiere screening was held for all of the short films that were created as part of The FilmLife Project.

I wanted to share a couple of the films.....

The first one was made by Jess Sparks. I would love it if you could spare 5 minutes to hear Jess's story.

The second one is by Josephine Lei, and it's actually really quite amusing... and less than 2 minutes!

All the short films are also available online here


Kate said...

Best of luck...the waiting must be hard.

My mum and I discuss organ donation quite often; she is a "take whatever they want" kind of person, which I admire. I'm more of a "take it but I don't want to think about it"....

Liann-Morgan said...

the people behind the blogs, as they are and what moves them.

I've just read that you need a bilateral lung transplant? sorry my English is not so good.

I wanted to sign up years ago in the donor database, but then I was very sick.

today I have only Diabetes but for already 10 years. I do not produce their own insulin, so I'm afraid that my organs are no longer saved in the meaning of life useful.

I can only pray that all get well again.

I hope I have not misunderstood anything, if so then I ask you to excuse me.



mel @ loved handmade said...

I'll take the challenge & to kick off I've posted on my personal facebook page & will be sure to discuss it with others too..x

Jan said...

My husband and I signed up a while ago; our families know of our wishes. A few weeks ago we realised we hadn't told our daughter Rosy, who lives in China; when I told her, she was very unsurprised. As soon as she got off the phone, she posted on Facebook to encourage her friends to sign up also. We were so proud of our girl. I discuss it with friends and there is a display of information in the public library where I work. Cam, I'm crossing my fingers that your turn comes soon.

Mrs A said...

This is a difficult subject for most people, and as you said the family have the final decision, which isnt easy. We had a gentleman in emergency a few months back who was a fitness instructor who sadly had a catastophic cerebral bleed and was a perfect candidate but one of the family members refused even though it was his wishes to organ donate.
I hope you get the call soon.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

You are an inspiration, Cam! The hubsand knows I would donate, and I'll look at filling in the forms, to see if I am allowed as we now live overseas. When we live in Aus again, count me in!
I just shared in on my personal FB and Raspberry Rainbow FB page too.

ally said...

Hi Cam
I promised I would write you a post a while ago and I've done it and taken up your challenge.
My fingers are always crossed for you

Jennie said...

The first beautiful film made me cry, the second made me smile.
I've talked to the mums up at school, some not realizing that they need to make sure with their family what their wishes are.
(ps. Jess's film is amazing)XXX