Friday, February 10, 2012

The Red Brick Gallery Group Show - A Mini Virtual Tour

I couldn't make it to the Friday Night opening of the Red Brick Group Show, so I was looking forward to travelling down during the week to see my Flight of The Ducks artwork on display.

It looks lovely hanging at the top of the stairs (if I do say so myself ha)!

The two beautiful paintings on the far wall next to the window are Cathy's

More lovely paintings and ceramics

I'm pretty sure this one was Sel's favourite - aptly titled 'Dogs In Space I' by Tam Jones. The piece next to it is 'Sun Flower' by Rosie Skilbeck, created using recycled junk mail - brilliant.

But this one was my absolute favourite. My iPhone photo does not do it justice at all.
The title is 'Hand Tree Three' by Megan Fromholtz.

You really can't tell from the photo, but all of those pieces of wire have been shaped into hands with five fingers and twisted together to form a tree. I think it's completely brilliant, and after working with wire to create my scultpured flowers, I'm fascinated with how Megan has achieved this. Wire is a really difficult medium to work with.

This is just a tiny bit of the entire show....

If you've never ventured out to see a group show, then I can highly recommend it. The range of artists and mediums is amazing.

It runs for another week, so make sure you pop in for a visit if you're in Ballarat!


Megan said...

Looks amazing! I haven't really ever been to an art show of any kind apart from at places like museums and big national art galleries which I think is a whole type of different art. This type art is much more my thing.

I love your flying ducks piece :)

Margaret said...

Looks like a great Art Show, I especially the hands tree also. Nice ducks soaring up high too.

Lotti said...

Love the Hand Tree ... so beautiful.