Monday, May 20, 2013

The Great Bedroom Drawer Makeover

It's literally been years since I've been able to do any DIY. I used to be addicted to it.

I was constantly dreaming up new colour schemes for the walls, and making over old pieces of furniture.

There's nothing more fun than a bit of a reno... (especially when it involves painting stripes on the wall)

And if I had a limitless budget, I'd love to pull out my current kitchen and start from scratch just like this one at my old house.

Now that I can breathe, I can get back into it again which is very exciting!

I'm starting with my old neglected bedroom chest of drawers  - taking off these old ugly drawer pulls that I put on somewhere around 1997?

I'm painting the tapered edges of the drawer fronts, and then using my own wallpaper designs to cover the flat sections.

It's been a reeeeeally long time since I've had to use a drill. The first hurdle came when the battery was dead. I waited for it to charge, and then couldn't work out why the hole wasn't drilling..... I had the silly thing in reverse!

Second hurdle - the screws at the back of the new handles are too long and I don't own a hacksaw to cut them down.

So tomorrow, I'll be taking them to be cut down and getting back into it.

I'm only working on a drawer at a time as I don't want to empty out all of my clothes at once. Fingers crossed it all should be finished by the end of the week!


The Creative Beast said...

I love home decor diy too! Love your drawer make-over Cam - I know it will look bright and cheery when its finished, if these preliminary pics are an indication =-)

Glad to read that you are also doing great health-wise!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Very exciting cam, I love your wallpaper designs. Can't wait to see it all finished x

Miss Prudence said...

Look out!! It's a colour revolution in play.

Chiara Z said...

So good to see all the fun you're getting up to now that you can breathe! I'm quite fond of DIY myself--so I'm imagining the joy of being reunited with my power drill. Go for it!