Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fashion Challenge 3 - Little Black Dress

I missed the second Fashion Challenge as I just completely ran out of time, but I certainly didn't want to miss out on number three - the Little Black Dress!

In my mind, a little black dress conjures up images of fancy cocktail dresses for formal events. But in reality, I have absolutely no need for a fancy cocktail dress, so I wanted a much more casual style little black dress. 

I really want to try and stash bust as much as I can with these challenges, but for this one, there just wasn't anything suitable in the cupboard.

I headed down to the local Spotty and walked lap afer lap after lap..... and found nothing inspiring in black. So, there was only one choice - some cheap and cheerful spotted cotton print.

I have a very unusual shape (some of it due to twenty years of steroids), so it's really difficult to find suitable dress patterns.

I bought this Retro Butterick reprint... traced, modified and made the bodice.... and then promptly threw it out as the fit was absolutely horrid!

I decided to skip that and sort through my pattern stash to find something else. I found a Vintage Simplicity 5007 top pattern which I've previously used.  I used the pattern to create a bodice and shortened it so that it ended just below the bustline.

I then wanted to create an A-line style skirt for the bottom, so I took the skirt from my Lisette Passport Dress pattern, and modified it by removing the pleats, and taking a little away from the width to fit the bodice.

Once I'd added the skirt to the bodice (and before inserting the zip), I decided to make the waistline a feature so I added a length of red binding all the way around.

I'd normally use an invisible zip but I really love the black stripe running down the back!

To finish off, I simply bound the armholes (to the inside) and the neckline and bottom hem (to the outside).

I haven't quite finished as I still need to add some pockets (I completely forgot to add in seam pockets before I sewed and overlocked the side seams).

This isn't the greatest quality of fabric so the drape isn't wonderful, but it'll be a really nice cool and comfy dress in summer.

I think it's a great versatile addition to the wardrobe!


Jodie said...

it looks perfectly you Cam !!! just wait till summer and it will come into its own. .

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful Cam you did an amazing job to make the pattern up

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

The perfect Little Black Dress :)

JaBCreations said...

Very Cool.

The Creative Beast said...

Good for you on piecing together a dress pattern for your figure/shape!

Having learned pattern drafting and inside info on the fashion industry, it's always irked me that 'standards' are used based on a slim figure, rather than a larger figure which is the more the norm, and this applies to ready made clothing, as well as home sewing patterns. =\

Your dress is wonderful! Hope to see a picture of you wearing it sometime =-)

Jennie said...

Its gorgeous Cam!!

Tanya said...

All that tweaking is awe inspiring...when I grow up I want to do a bit of that! I love the red on the little black dress.

Jennifer Rose said...

looks great :D