Friday, August 2, 2013

The Hottie Challenge Winner

Photo courtesy Snap Happy Ian

Now that the Hottie Challenge Exhibition at Open Drawer has finished, it's time to announce the winner of the Peoples Choice Award....

Congratulations to Charlotte Jowett!

For any non-locals who purchased a Hottie, I'm heading over to pick them up on Tuesday and then I'll package them up and pop them in the post for you!

If you're not on the Open Drawer mailing list, then here's a link to yesterdays newsletter with the Hottie winner and a huge thankyou to everyone who joined in the challenge via the blog this year.

Have a fab weekend peeps!


Jennifer Rose said...

that is really nice :) looks like it was a lot of work

Selina said...

Very deserving winner, LOVE this one! Would love to hear the final count on funds raised :)

ARTwendy ... said...

Awesome work Charlotte!!

flowerpress said...

Great hottie that one!
Cam do you know what happens to the unsold hotties?

Tanya said...

oooh ahh, that is amazing work. well done to charlotte