Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!


Hey did you miss me?

Toes in the water at Bondi

Probably not.... especially if you follow me on instagram and were subjected to me spamming photos of Sydney!


The last time I visited in 2001, I couldn't climb the steps at the Opera House. So here's proof that now I can! It's amazing what new lungs can do.

Even though I was actually there for a week of work, I managed to organise it so that the five days of work included the weekend.

I had a blast - I caught up with Cass and Cath for dinner... and I did lots of exploring and sightseeing.

I finally arrived home tonight to find my new tote bags (very exciting)!

This design in Hexiepalooza (of course)

And there's also Spring Bouquet...

I've been lugging my Spring Bouquet tote aroud the airports. It's the perfect size for my Bipap Machine and accessories which have to go as carry-on luggage.

These are a really heavy textured canvas - love them!

Anyway, now that I'm back I've re-opened the shop and added the totes.

Something else super exciting is happening tomorrow but I'll have to get back to that soon!


Melissa G said...

I am glad to see you are doing so well.

Jennifer Rose said...

its great you can get up those steps now :D loved seeing all the photos, give me the travel bug lol

cilosophy said...

What about bacon print bags?????

Megan said...

How exciting, a holiday (of sorts) and lots of climbing without puffing! Love the new totes too, I am a little bit tote obsessed. I love the hexie one!