Sunday, October 6, 2013

My first charity run walk - Run 4 Refugees

I can't quite believe it, but today is my 8 month transplant anniversary.... life has changed so much and the freedom of being able to breathe is still surreal.

It seems quite appropriate that next Sunday is my very first charity walk. I'll be walking 5.7 kilometres in the Run 4 Refugees as part of the Melbourne Marathon. 

All funds raised directly benefit the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre here in Melbourne.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) was established in 2001 and is Australia’s leading provider of aid and advocacy to asylum seekers living in the community. The ASRC is committed to protecting and upholding the human rights and welfare of asylum seekers. Our core aims include:
  • AID – to provide essential, life-saving aid to asylum seekers, including provision of food and critical material aid items
  • JUSTICE – to secure justice for asylum seekers through delivery of primary health, mental health and welfare services and by advocating for asylum seekers’ basic human rights 
  • EMPOWERMENT – to foster independence and self-determination through community development and access to employment and education pathways
  • COMMUNITY – to create partnerships with the community, raise awareness of asylum seeker experiences and promote social inclusion
I have a fundraising target of $500 and I'm currently sitting at $485. I would love it if someone had $15 to add!

 Wish me luck!


annie said...

Run like the wind, Bullseye! Funny how something as normal as breathing can seem so special when you haven't had it a while. Everything really is relative, isn't it.

sister outlaws said...

You're AMAZING Cam - and don't ever forget it!

Karen Pior said...

Congratulations - a truly remarkable 'feet'! Good luck with your walk. A fantastic and very worthy cause. Cheers, Karen