Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a July

I'm playing along with 'Just a Minute' over at Jen's August Street Blog....... join in, it's a bit of monthly fun!

Sadly, not much....I still haven't finished Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I've been a little slack.

Multigrain Vegemite toast every day for breakfast....if I miss it for breakfast then I sometimes have it for lunch instead. I always cook a healthy dinner to make up for it!
I must have some type of chocolate every day (I count hot milo before bed as a chocolate fix too).

To the new Ministry of Sound compilation album Anthems 1991-2008. It's taking me back to my uni days when I worked in a nightclub. It's great driving music in the car.

Still too much caffeine every day but I have a cut off time of 3.30 now.

Too many things at once......scarves, granny squares, journals, bags. I need to go back to one project at a time.

I am loving Project Runway Australia. I was really nervous about the Aussie edition just in case it was a horribly pathetic copy of the original......of course it's a copy of the original, but it's fantastic. All the guys are hilariously melodramatic, and I love it that all the contestants hate Helen and she doesn't care! The only thing I miss is that Kristy Hinze doesn't say 'auf wiedersein' like Heidi!

I'm also loving the show Flipping Out which is on Arena straight after PRA.....that Lewis guy is nutty and funny!

I can't help but watch Dexter Sunday nights even though it freaks me out.....and can't miss Flight of the Conchords straight after. I really need to go and buy it on DVD because I've missed too many episodes (it's on way toooooo late)! I love their NZ accents and I love Jemaine's lamb chops.

I can't miss the Amazing Race finale tonight too. I am not googling that to add a link because I don't want to find out who wins!

I woke up thismorning to find that those pesky owls have been flying around the kitchen again overnight!


Unknown said...

Yes yes! Dexter and Flight of the Conchords!! I like the 3.30pm caffeine deadline too... I should try that.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm stuck on Friday Night Knitting Club also. I seem to have lost interest in it for some reason.

I'm also trying to do too many different projects at once.

Cass said...

I can't wait for the Amazing Race final either. I love Project Runway too although have ot admint to never watching the US version. Not too sure about Kristy Hinze, her accent just annoys me

Jenaveve said...

Hey, love your Just a Minute! And thank god I read it, I almost missed it myself (with less than a day to go).

I'm hearing a lot about 'Dexter' and going to give it a whirl next ep. Hope I can catch on (sounds a little spooky with the whole good-serial killer agent type).

Gotta ask: what is that devine wooden creation?? Love the cuties nesting on top.

Jenaveve said...

Hmm... please ignore my dumbness! I'm reading your OMDesk and it's telling me all about your new owl house. Which I just LOVE and can't believe it's from the Reject Shop. I needs me one, quick!

Belinda said...

He he - I have convinced myself that hot milo does not fall into the strict chocolate category so therefore another hit is allowed on the days one consumes the milo!

Sherrin said...

I loooove Dexter! We just finished Season 2. It just gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

I love flight of the concords, but alas I dont get Project Runway and I really enjoyed the US original. keep an eye on those owls tonight

Crafty Things said...

What gorgeous looking owls - they look too innocent to be up to any mischief!

Nikki said...

I'm a big fan of at least one milo a day PLUS at a cherry ripe.... I call Milo "good for me" and and I skip the healthy breakfast... really must think my dietary habits (one day).

Thanks ever-so for the bloggy tips!! Much appreciated.

Michelle said...

Ah yes, Flight of the Concords - hysterical! Project Runway Australia - unmissable! And chocolate every day - delicious!

Reenie said...

Yay,,. Watching Amazing race finale as I type... I wanted the goth kids to win, but was sad they got out a couple of episodes ago..