Friday, July 4, 2008

Seven Songs for Winter

I was tagged earlier in the week by Jen from August Street and then today by Steph from Drewzel.......

My song choices are completely random, they're mainly from the cd's that I keep in the kitchen.... Brooke Fraser, Angus & Julia Stone, Kasey Chambers (wanted to add a song from the new album with Shane Nicholson but couldn't find one), and Mika. The song by Camille is my ringtone, I hear it repeatatively every day but I still love it. I had to include the Kate Perry song because it makes me want to dance when I hear it on the radio. Finally the Rogue Traders....I've had that song in my head ever since they started advertising Project Runway Australia!


Enjoy! Time to go and cook some dinner....I'm starving...

1 comment:

Jenaveve said...

I love these mixwit tapes.... I've never tried them.

Now I seriously have not been watching enough telly. When is Project Runway starting??? Is it on free-to-air or Foxtel???

I just heard that 'So you think you can dance' (America) is starting up again next week (yes I can't help it, I love it) and I had no idea!!