Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a minute..... in August

Photos: A sneaky peek of my progress on the Quilt Project

Time certainly flies when you're having fun. August has been full of highlights, and not many lowlights - it's all been high energy, get up and go (or as high energy and get up and go as I can actually get). Luckily, I really enjoy being busy.


There hasn't been much tv watching this month. I tape all of my favourite shows on IQ, and then fast forward the ads while watching them. It saves me so much time.

I'm still loving Project Runway Australia. I think Anthony is my favourite - mainly for personality, I don't think I could actually wear any of his creations. I also really like William's creations, and if I was to choose the person who makes the prettiest outfits, I'd go with Lauren. I actually wish Kelly was still there, just for the bitchiness!

The other show I really love and can't miss is Sarah's House on How To. I wish she'd come over to my house and make it over.

  • I've been working on some ideas for the Quilt Project. I haven't got the final design decided just yet, but I want to include lots of different textural elements. I've just got to try to work out how on earth it's all going to come together, and not look like a mess, by September 20th.
  • I'm still working on Doiley Brooches - they're going to make their debut next Saturday at Made'n'Thornbury.
  • I've made lots and lots of handbags this month (at least 10 at last count), kids satchels, baby wraps, bibs, chefs hats, brooches, aprons, and a specs case.
  • Today, I repaired the side seams of my BIL's work trousers, and tomorrow I'm hemming curtains (not the type of making that makes my heart sing), but it's the type of making that has to be done.

  • I still haven't found my baking mojo (it's because my kitchen only has one powerpoint, which makes it extremely difficult to use appliances), but I did make a nice chocolate pud (which I ate all by myself), and a packet mix chocolate cake (which I shared).
  • I bought myself a mega pack of tim tams today, so that should get me through the week.

  • Reading took a back seat this month. I did read one book which was sort of autobiographical, but it wasn't actually good enough for me to bother blogging about.
  • I also bought WHO magazine (that's a story for tomorrow) today. I never ever buy magazines anymore (except Mixtapezine) as my house ends up being filled with clutter when I can't bear to throw them away.

Looking forward to:

The final task for August:
  • Tomorrow (with help from some lovely friends), the vertical blinds are coming down and I'm putting up lovely wooden curtain rods and block out curtains for my sliding doors. Not only will they look much prettier, but I'm hoping that they'll save me some money on my electricity bill..... can't wait!

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Jenaveve said...

Oh no... Tim Tams. Now I want one.

I was at the Maribrynong Maker's Market today, unsure if that's one of your gigs? The sky kept opening up so everyone's stalls outside were getting drenched. Still there were some amazing things there.

Good luck tomorrow - definitely sounds like an energy saver (and will look pretty :)

One Flew Over said...

I wish I had a mega pack on hand, have quite a hankering for a timmy. Your red crochet work looks beautiful, hoping to see your wares next weekend.

yardage girl said...

I love Sarah's House too and tape it every week on IQ so I don't miss it!! That woman is great with colour. PRA is OK - I wish they would give them longer for the challenges so they can produce better quality garments. I really prefer the American version for the design and overall enjoyment factor. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Red doilies - very interesting and slightly unexpected. I am used to seeing doilies in shades of white ecru and cream.

One power point in the kitchen would drive me bonkers. Luckily our house seems to have just the right number of power points in all the right places too - it is the first house that ever has though.

The curtains sound lovely. I still have to remove the verticals from behind the curtains I put up in our bedroom.

Unknown said...

You have had a great month!! Mine has a bit more blah...A friend recently asked me what the deal with project runway was. that even a question :P...Although I watch the US version and it just started I have been a faithful viewer since season one.

Karin van Dam said...

I can't wait to see what you will be making with those red doilies. (Can you believe I never heard the word doilies before I began blogging and reading crafty blogs from everywhere? And now I seem to hear/read the word daily!)

Goodluck with the blinds tomorrow!

Cindy said...

I love your red work so far, I think that the quilt is going to loo amazing

Bellgirl said...

[Quotes]:"and tomorrow I'm hemming curtains (not the type of making that makes my heart sing)".

Perhaps instead of hemming them you cut them up and made them into playclothes for a family of Austrian children it would make your heart sing?

Linda said...

I've been thinking of watching Sarah's House. Next time I see it on the TV guide I will watch it.

I haven't been buying many magazines, I have the same trouble as you and haven't dealt with all of the old ones.

Michelle said...

oh love the doilies...
great colour...looks very interesting and can't wait to see what you do...
And please!!! with all that work one mega packet of tim tams will really not cut it...
are we thinking two...
you sound way too busy for one...

Elizabeth said...

what's a tim tam?

and what do your new curtains look like?

Anonymous said...

I sense your creativity and maybe even baking mojo will return once vertical blinds are gone!!

Just thinking outloud, how about one of those nice big powerboards with the individual on/off's and a built in safety switch? You could use some command strips to position it on the wall....

Love the red!

Jennifer Rose said...

hubby says you use to be able to get tim tams here, but he hasn't seen them for awhile. shame as I want to try one

the red doilies are really stunning that colour

Holly said...

I knnow what you mean about magazines - I am completely over-run with piles of them I can't bear to throw out and I don't even buy any! I inherit them when other people are done with them and now they're threatening to take over.

Kate Moore said...

They're great. I have been doing the same to doilies here. Breaking them up for earrings. Funny. My dye choice was the same colour.
I love that line you wrote on my blog - granny pimping. Classic.

Drewzel said...

So much goodness in Curly Pops world xxx
Just wanted to say hi.

PS Word verification = "inkies"...that's sorta cute.