Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fifteen Minute Refashion

I bought this tunic style dress a little while ago, but I've hardly worn it because it didn't really fit properly.

I have very narrow shoulders, so a dress with a very wide neckline wasn't the best choice. I was constantly dragging the shoulders back up after showing off my lovely bra straps!

It was such a hot day yesterday, that I thought it was high time that I fixed this one so that I could actually wear it (keep in mind that Dear Headless Dummy Frances is two sizes smaller than me and has harldy any boobage - hence the dress looks a bit tent-ish)

My solution was to first take to it with the rotary cutter and chop off the arms - no measuring required, I just folded it in half so that the arms were laying on top of each other, and guessed where to chop.

I had to actualy think about how to solve the shoulder issue as I certainly didn't want to go to the trouble of unpicking the sleeves from the body.

I ended up putting this little dart in the centre back of the dress, which has worked perfectly.

Unfortunately, none of this has fixed the issue of this dress not really being suitable for my skin tone. I think I'll be calling on the services of my dyeing buddy to turn this colour from drab to fab!


The Creative Beast said...

those are some great alterations and I can't wait to see what color you'll use for the dye job...maybe a bright and cheerful orange? =-)

willywagtail said...

Lots of little bits add up to one great solution. Cherrie

Sandrine said...

Looking forward to seeing the final touch!x

mel @ loved handmade said...

Clever! I hope you get lots of wear out of it now. I was just taking a look at your fabrics, GORGEOUS! Have fun at the market on the weekend..

Tania said...

That bit where you say 'no measuring required'? Niiiice.

Miss Muggins said...

15 minutes well spent. I am dyeing to see what colour you choose to fab it up just a little more!

bec said...

haha, just read the post, funny! Def red!

nicole said...

it doesn't look like it's in your colours at all!
black and white and grey?
where's the magenta?