Saturday, November 27, 2010


The view from my sisters balcony lastnight

So today consisted of rain, rain and yet more rain!

There were so many lovely things at the market today. It was very hard to resist....

I bought myself some pressies, and I did some christmas shopping and some christmas swapping (that's one of the perks of having a market stall at this time of the year).

I'll show of my goodies later in the week.

Right now it's time for feet up and a cuppa!


Stomper Girl said...

It was very wet today! Hope you still managed to sell some stuff.

Kelly Casanova said...

We were out taking photos of the sky lastnight too. It's bucketed down all day today and I had to go into the city with 4 kids in tow to a piano concert rehearsal. It's good to be back home - and it's still raining!!
Looks like you had another lovely market day.

Cate said...

How about that rain eh?! Hope the day went well regardless! xxx

Sandrine said...

I hope you had a great time, and a great time relaxing now :)..It is rain rain rain here too! x

Kate said...

LOVED seeing you gorgeous gals yesterday.
Wish the littlies had let me stay longer.
Your stall looked ace! I hope you sold lots.
And thank you so much for their badges, they are all wearing them proudly today. XX

Alison said...

Hope all went well, even with the rain. Every thing looks lovely, wish I could have been there.

Janice said...

Your stall looked great. I hope the customers still came out despite the rain. We have only had steady gentle rain all day.

Anonymous said...

I too was out trying to capture that amazing sky on Friday night. You did so perfectly. Mine are too pink and don't look anything like it was. Amazing hey!. I had the husband out there holding the umberella too.

Cathie said...

ahhh the rain!
your stall looks fantastic Cam, especially your new designs & those wonderful linen teatowel bags!
hope you had a good day & let me know when you are free for a cuppa.