Monday, April 18, 2011

Belting - Part Two

Belting - Part One
Belting - Part Three

I'll stop confusing everyone now. This is the finale of the Belt posts for a little while!

I seem to be getting more forgetful by the day.... so I completely forgot to take photos of the pirate belt before I gave it to Cathie.

But the best news is that Cathie is a super talented photographer, and she makes my crafty goodies look ever so much better!

PS - Thanks so much to everyone who shared the post about Nikki's Stolen Handbag via Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. With any luck, the person responsible might feel regretful and decide to post it back to Nikki.
The address details are here on Nikki's website.

The response has been absolutely tremendous. I'm sure that everyone in the craft community will be keeping an eye out for it from now on!


Unknown said...

The belt is fab!! I hope that bag turns up too.. Wish I was closer to lend an eye...

Naturally Carol said...

And..definitely worth taking a photo of.

Cakelaw said...

I can't believe you made such a lovely belt - didn't know anyone could do that. Great job!

michelle said...

love your little belts cam. this one is a ripper