Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Ship in a (Hottie) Bottle

My little sister has joined in with the Hottie Challenge..... but she's working flat out at the moment with her day job as a Chef, and also at Big House Collective, so she asked me if I would assist (ahem... make her Hottie).

So this is the idea that I'm working on for her - A Ship in a (Hottie) Bottle.

It's time to get out the inkjet printable fabric and let the fun begin!


Makeminemidcentury said...

That looks great! And how funny.

Jennie said...

You clever person!
Love it!X

Lyndel said...

oh I love it.. mine is coming along nicely. but..Question: does it actually have to be open to 'fit' a hottie inside or can it just be stitched up all around?

Cass said...

Great idea. I'm thinking of getting Lucy to draw an underwater scene for hers.

Naturally Carol said...

Great shipwrecks here!

Allison said...

Gah *kicks self* Of course Nikki would have the printable fabric!!! I was looking for that last week and Spotlight don't sell it anymore. I WAS going to ring around at Lincraft but you saved me that job.

I like your... ahem, I mean your sisters Hottie.

What's a Pirates favourite letter of the alphabet?


What's a Pirates second favourite letter of the alphabet?

The C.

Ayukkayukkayuk. Giggle. Snort.

Ady said...

Haha! Love the concept.