Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ten Curtains and Tiebacks - Done.....

I've been working on these in bits and pieces over the last week. My sister and brother-in-law bought a second hand caravan just before Christmas. It is very 1970's inside - if it was cool retro 70's then it would be ok but this one is just ugly brown 1970's. Anyway, while they are working on updating the inside of the caravan, I have been busy making new curtains. The material is actually from the kids curtain material section at Spotlight. My sister couldn't find anything she liked in the adult curtain material section. We decided bright and pretty would be best in a small dark space. So ten curtains and tiebacks are now done.

Old Ugly Curtains

The curtains were really simple - I just hemmed the edges and then turned the top over and stitched it to make a pocket for the curtain rod.

New Pretty Curtains

For the tie-backs, I used a nifty little trick. I'm not sure whether I saw this on tv or read about it on a craft blog. I cut a rectangle piece, placed the long sides right side together and then sewed them to make a tube. I then put a long piece of ribbon inside the tube from top to bottom. I sewed one end of the ribbon to the inside of the tube. Then I pulled the ribbon and this made it really simple to turn the tube inside out.

I should have taken photos to explain!

I used my Snapsetter to attach snaps at either end of the tie-backs.

Next job is to start on making new covers for the existing seating area inside the caravan. Then a couple of throw cushions in another contrasting fabric.

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