Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Musical Pops

Another splendid entry in the SuperPops Challenge - SuperPops loves a bit of a groovy tune!

This one is from the very musical Ms L and here's the note that came with it:

I decided to draw my own musical superpops.
As you can see she is drawn on manuscript paper, but she is also made up of all musical symbols and notes.

Her hair is treble clefs, her headband is made with quavers, her eyes are flats, her nose is a crotchet rest, and her mouth is a bass clef. Even her breast plate is an alto clef. Her arms and legs are crochets and minims, and she has magic bracelets made from sharps. She has a belt made from a repeat sign that also has natural sign for the buckle. Finally her sleeves are bar lines.

Thanks Ms L!

1 comment:

trash said...

crumbs the comeptition is really hotting up! What a fabulously imaginative and crafty lot your readers are Mrs Pops.