Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Creative Peeps Interview - Kris from Missie Krissie

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Missie Krissie
What is your favourite creative pursuit? 

Well, I have many but my current crafty flavour is definitely jewellery design. I love learning new techniques and watching how the metal reacts and forms. Then being able to use a new thing like riveting (recently aquired skill) to make something pretty is exciting.

Mastering the setting of stones is going to take a while, still it takes hours of adjusting and re-adjusting to get them to sit right! And there are still accomplished jewellers who break diamonds, so if I break a moonstone or two, it's not so bad :)
 I also love to make jewellery trees from old silverware. They are fun to make (sometimes tricky/dangerous) and it's a way of giving old things a new and useful life.
 What is your earliest creative memory?

I think it's my Gran teaching me how to sew a pin cushion and stuff it, perhaps when I was about 5? I was so proud that she trusted me with the sharp needles. The cushion was a bit wonky and the stuffing poked out the side but I was really excited at having constructed something. I gave it to my mum and she still has her pins in it.

Any other crafty memories would have to be painting or drawing which I was addicted to from a very young age according to my Gran (who still keeps a lot of pictures and talks about it often, lol)

Who inspires you?

Many people. With regards to jewellery design, I constantly trawl the Flickr photos to find other jewellery designers to be amazed by. There are so many talented people! One in particular makes me want to move to the US to be his disciple. Scott has been a professional jeweller for about 20 yrs (I think) and his works take my breath away. You can find him here:

With regards to my every day life, I would definitely say my Hubby, Jem. Everyone who meets him can't help but like him. He has the gift of the gab, which I'm sure will enable him to be a great Police Officer. I'd like to have his confidence in talking to strangers, but we'll say I'm still working on it. Jem is a very loving Husband who leaves little notes for me and is the best Dad any little boys could wish for. I am very glad I got my claws into this fish! :)

My two little men (Aus 3 and Noah 1) stress and inspire me in equal proportions every single day. The way they play together and show love for each other, their Dad and Me is just a huge boost to my 'Mummy Morale' and gives me strength to get out of my nice warm bed every morning. 

My parents have also always been hugely inspiring and influential to me. I have a close family and I'll give everything I've got to make sure my little family stay the same way.

What are you currently working on?

Many things at once. Right now I'm in the process of completing a custom graduation set (necklace, ring, bracelet & earrings) part of the WIP can be seen here

I love custom works because its such a challenge to create something that will stand up to the customer's expectations. It's so exciting and terrifying at the same time! 

Also the freedom of just fabricating something entirely made up in my own mind is very fulfilling. Seeing the work rough, with fire scale or flux all over it, then turned into something that shines and sparkles gives me happy shivers!

What is your ultimate creative dream?

What I dream of every single day is my own big studio where I can experiment and create beautiful jewellery. I'd love to quit my day job as a Building Designer and just hammer and solder and melt things all day, every day! I think I will eventually get there, but I also need a balance between family life and work. So it may take until my little men are at school during the week to really have the time for growing my business. Until then I'll just use every spare second I have- mainly when kids are sleeping- to indulge my jewellery designing obsession :)

Is your work for sale, and if so, where can I buy it?
You can visit my Etsy Shop for my jewellery already for sale and enquire about custom jewellery.

And you can see the jewellery trees and also enquire about custom jewellery through my Missie Krissie blog.

Do you have any upcoming events planned (exhibitions, markets, interviews, courses etc)?
Nope, sorry. But I'm hopeful that in the future there will be many :)

Do you have any advice for others who would like to follow their creative dream?

I think you have to love and harbour a burning passion for what you do. As long as you have that, nothing can deter you from success! There will be flops and failures, but if you have passion, you'll continue and get it right.

Thanks so much for the wonderful interview Kristie - I'm always interested in finding out just a little bit more of how others are inspired. If you like what you see here, then why not pop on over to Missie Krissie and enter the giveaway for this gorgeous Rustic Ruffled Sterling Silver and Amethyst Ring by July 31st.

My name is in the barrel and I have my fingers crossed!


Miss Muggins said...

Great interview Cam, I love Kris's creations and enjoyed a bit of insight into her life. You'd better uncross your fingers though- that ring is MINE!

Scott Schreiber said...

Thanks, Cam! Kris is a very nice gal and an 'up and comer' in my book....her work is witty and well made. She is a new friend of mine. Thanks for interviewing her! Nice blog, too! (thanks, Kris!)

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh shiny :D those are all gorgeous creations. very talented girl :)