Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Go Granny... now in Chocberry

Exciting news today!

My new Go Granny in Chocberry colourway is now available.

It's quite difficult to get a photograph that truly represents the colour accurately. The pink and orange are quite rich and bright, which is just what I wanted.

I immediately had to cut into it and start making myself a new handbag. I'm hoping to finish it off today.

I've only had a really small amount printed at this stage, so get in quick if you like it. If you miss out, and would really love some, just send me an email and I can order another print run.


Anonymous said...

oooh...I think this is my favourite colour so far.
Probably can't fit it into my student budget, but I look forward to seeing the handbag :-)

Miss Prudence said...

mmmm choc berry!

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh. really like his colour combo :D