Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pacman Poll

Thanks so much for all the Pacman feedback yesterday via blog comments, twitter, and facebook messages.

It's a really interesting topic that generates lots of discussion for and against. My conscience immediately tells me that I could never go ahead with this design (other than printing a panel for my own personal use to make a cushion for my couch).

I did receive some interesting twitter feedback from peeps in the Legal IP fraternity (just another reason to love the connecting power of twitter). There would definitely be concern over passing off/unfair competition.

There was also some discussion over who would be responsible if a corporation decided to take action. Michelle directed me to the Terms of Service regarding proprietary rights and copyright over at Spoonflower.

For anyone who does need some advice on a subject such as this, they also advised contacting the Arts Law Centre of Australia

I tried to respond by email to everyone who left a comment, but lots of blogger ID's don't have an email address enabled which makes it impossible, so apologies if you haven't been receiving a reponse!

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