Saturday, January 28, 2012

Play me a tune...

I love music.

Actually, I love music even more than I love tv (and now that's sayin' somethin')...

There's nothing better than boppin' along to the beat, and singing like no-one can hear you (and hoping and praying that really - no-one can hear you).

I'm not a huge fan of using earbuds though. I always panic that I might accidentally start singing in a public place.

Anyhow, I digress....

After a few worriesome days wondering whether the postie also likes music and had therefore snaffled my CD's from the Punky & Me Music Swap, thisafternoon, there was a knock at the door.

It was my lovely next door neighbour. Apparently lots of my mail gets delivered to her house, and she normally just pops it back in my letterbox, but she thought that these were DVD's and that they might be important so she personally delivered them. Phew!!!

Anyway, I must say that my three swapees have fantabulous taste in music. There are some great songs which I can't wait to put on my iPod. The thing that I love about music swaps is that I get to listen new music that I may not have considered previously, and then I can decide whether I'd like to go and buy the entire album (I still buy the old school way - CD... no downloads for me)!

Thankyou Vic from Punky & Me, Miss G from Indefinite Space, Martta from Tell Me A Story Braveheart, and Bron from Mad Crafty Mama - you girls rock!

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