Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make It Yourself Rainbow Bunting

If you're anything like me, then you're the type of person that buys all the supplies to Make- it-Yourself, rather than purchase a finished product.

So I've decided to pop some Rainbow Bunting Panels in the shop.

It's super simple:

  • Cut them out along the outside edge of the black outline
  • Cut a piece of backing fabric for each
  • Place the front and back piece 'right sides together'
  • Using a quarter inch seam, sew from the top right hand corner, all the way around the curve until you reach the top left hand corner (making sure you leave the top open).
  • Trim the seams and clip around the curves (or use pinking shears)
  • Turn out and press so that they are nice and flat
  • Lay them out and check they're in the correct order (trust me on this one teehee...)
  • Add some binding and voila!


nicole kane said...

teehee, truth time, how many have you sewn in the wrong order?

flowerpress said...

I love that moustache bib, I couldn't bags it could I?