Sunday, December 30, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I love this strange time between Christmas and New Year where it feels like the world just stops, sighs, and takes a little break.

I should be having a nice relaxing holiday down on the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast. Instead, I'm at home, catching up on sleep, and using the little break to do some Summer sewing for myself.

For a while I've had a picture in my head of the perfect, no fuss, comfy summer dress. I haven't been able to find anything that suits, so I decided to go ahead and create my own.

I began with a Vintage Simplicity 5007 top pattern. I made a toile, tried it on, marked it with pen, and chopped and sewed until I ended up with a bodice that fitted my shoulders and bust nicely.

Then I rifled through all of my dress and skirt patterns, to find one that was sort-of the shape that I was looking for (Lisette Passport Dress). I made up the separate pattern pieces, omitted the pleats, and altered the shape and size to match up with my bodice. I also added in-seam side pockets.

Please excuse the stack of towels and the random dog tail hiding behind me. Just keeping it real.

I sewed everything together using the standard method - shoulder seams, side seams, match bodice to skirt.... and then came the invisible zip!

I invested in an invisible zip foot ages ago, and ever since, I've managed to crunch each and every invisible zip that I've tried to sew. But, a couple of moths ago, I went over to Anna'a studio and had a little invisible zip lesson.

Using the standard zip foot, I managed to sew this one without any swearing, unpicking or crunching. I'm taking that as a big win! I even managed to very nearly match up my seams perfectly.

I have hoards of op-shopped bias binding in the stash so that's what I used for the neckline, arm holes, and hem. Simple yet effective.

 Ta-daa... one finished Summer dress!

After finishing the dress, I was on a roll. I had a piece of beautiful Lisette Cotton Lawn which had been sitting on my cutting table, silently mocking me for two months.

I decided to make another Wiksten Tank, but this time I completely ignored the instructions and just sewed and overlocked the seams, and bound all the openings and hem with some more op-shopped bias binding.

I made the XL size again (as that was the size that I'd originally traced off), but I added an extra half inch to each of the side seam allowances to make it a litte bit tighter.

It's a really quick and easy, no fuss top to make, and really comfy to wear. 

Now I just need to decide which one to wear today!


Margaret said...

I can't wait for the first two weeks of January when I get to sew whatever I want! I love the lisette fabric, so light and airy and so curlypops!

Unknown said...

Love the dress and the top. Love this time of year, too.

LionessLady said...

Well done you! Love when people can just make stuff up with what they have... Me, I need plans and drawings and how toos and then I still manage to get something wrong!

Happy New Year to you!

Kate Moore said...

I so wanted to do some sewing this Christmas break but I think I was a little too ambitious. There are just two days until I am back at work and plenty to be done in those days. Gah! Always the way. I think I'll just have to pace myself and even if I can cut out a pattern one weekend, pin the next, sew a bit the next and so on, I'll eventually fit a little sewing in this year.
Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you're looking after yourself.

yardage girl said...

A few days of sewing sounds like a perfect holiday to me ~ nice summer wardrobe!

Michelle said...

That first line in your post - I just commented almost exactly the same thing at another blog.

Love this time of the year.

Love your dress!