Monday, June 24, 2013

Can You Hear the Crickets?

 This is one of my new teatowel samples - available soon!

I haven't had the chance to blog much lately even though I have lots and lots to show you!

I'm busy collecting and photographing Hotties before I take the final lot into Open Drawer on Friday. I have about a bazillion Hottie photos to edit and show you very soon.

I'm also helping with the organisation of the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Vic) Trivia night this Saturday. There are still tickets available and they can be purchased online.

We've had some amazing prize donations for the silent auctions and raffles - they deserve an extra special thankyou post!

Oh yeah.... and I'm doing my first market stall in two years this Saturday too.... along with filling in for two weeks at my old job while one of the girls is off on holidays.

So if you don't see me around these parts, you definitely know why!

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