Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Hottie Challenge Invitation

Here it is lovely crafty peeps - the official invitation for the Hottie Challenge Exhibition at Open Drawer Art Textiles and Learning Centre.

It's all getting very exciting as the packages are piling up. I'm off to the post office soon to pick up todays delivery. I wonder what will be there?

Please feel free to save the invitation and share it around with all your family and friends so that they can all come along and check it out.

If you'd like a sneaky peek at what's been happening while all the creating has been going on, then make sure you check out the hashtag #hottiechallenge2013 on Instagram. As of right now, there's 164 photos tagged.

All I can so so far is WOW - the crafty community is amazing!


Tracy VT said...

So wish I could be there to see the Hotties....and the covers too! Have fun!

claire edwards said...

hi CurlyPops

thanks for organising this, I had lots of fun, and its a nice easy way to feel part of the fabulous creative community out there!