Friday, July 12, 2013

Lotsa Lotsa Hotties! Updated

 I headed off to Open Drawer with B-Fab to visit the Hotties today after my appointments at the Alfred.

They're all looking spectacularly beautiful hanging in the gallery!

I thought I'd share the ones that are still available for sale.

If you can't make it to the exhibition, but you've fallen in love with one, and must have it...

Then just email me -

I can have it put on hold for you.

 They're all $40 each

And I'm happy to pack them up and pop them in the post once the exhibition is finished.


Just a little update - Numbers 6, 12 and 21 are now taken!


simplestitches said... many cute and quirky hotties! they are great, hope you raise heaps of cash...

Cat said...

Are all these still available lovely? I'd love to get the #6 one if it is. I'm so pleased you did this post. All so cool and exciting. X

CurlyPops said...

Hi Cat, I can't seem to find an email address to respond sorry! Number 6 has already been taken.
Cam x

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase no 48 if it is still available - can you advise how to do this?

Cat said...

Sorry! I thought I had enabled email contact details Is 27 still available? My email is x

Anonymous said...

Yay, I guess that means that mine sold.. YAY :)