Monday, July 8, 2013

Project 52 Weekly Fashion Challenge - Week 1

 It's the Wiksten Tank (again)

I joined a group on FB a little while ago - its the Project 52 Weekly Fashion Challenge.

The premise is that each week, a new challenge is set to create a piece of clothing. Once your piece is completed, you upload your photos to the FB album for that week, and a winner is chosen. The deadline for each week is Midnight Sunday in whichever time zone you live in.

I joined because I thought it would be a great motivator to make more of my own clothes, which will also hopefully improve my skills and confidence!

This weeks challenge was to make a 'geometric' top.  The only bit of spare time I had this week was Saturday night, so it was a mad panic rush to try to get something made.

Luckily I'd picked up this checked fabric at Spotty a couple of weeks ago. I only bought one metre, so I had to cut the back of the top in two pieces and join them. I did some pretty topstitiching on the back to make it look deliberate!

The fabric frayed and frayed and frayed... so each piece had to be fully overlocked before I could even think of stitching anything together.  I wanted to add square pockets to the front to make more of the geometric theme, and Bec had the brilliant idea of cutting them on the bias (after block interfacing the fabric first of course). I love the bit of extra detail it provides.

Unfortunately I didn't have the right coloured binding in the stash to finish off the neckline, armholes and hem. I went to Spotty today and they didn't have the right coloured binding either.... so it looks like I'll be making my own... maybe tomorrow.

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bec said...

I've got a few different orange bindings in the stash I can try and find tomorrow night, if you really dont want to make it...Love the pockets! teehee