Friday, January 14, 2011

Even in the 'burbs

It's amazing how flooding rivers bring out the sightseeing gene in everyone (including me.... ahem)!

My old backyard - sigh!

My old house backed onto the local river, but we had a giant stone floodwall instead of a back fence, so thankfully, there was never a threat of flooding.

Behind the old house, there is a floodplain with walking paths, and a giant hill that we use to use for Go-Kart Rides.

 I went for a little drive today to check it out.....  it's the path on the left hand side of the photo.

... and it seems to now be a waterslide!


trash said...

Aaaak! Although ... wouldn't it be ace to have a'duck' and roll down the hill and straight into the water?

Unknown said...

awww memories no matter how sad or happy are wonderful things. Have a lovely weekend, Dee x