Monday, April 9, 2012

A Long Weekend

Sometimes the long weekend is just what you need to re-charge the batteries (while eating Easter Eggs).

I managed to catch up on some sewing.

The Birdie Cushion Cover is in the shop

The Cornwall Cushion is a special order for a lovely Gleaners Inc customer.

I spent a little time daydreaming about this sweet little cradle that I found at the oppy for my nephews.

I also started (and nearly finished) the last nine months of book keeping for my little business.  All those years of experience as an Office Manager certainly come in handy, and I love playing around in excel.

Numbers (and spreadsheets) are one of my secret passions.... (strange but true). I guess I really am still a maths and science nerd after all.


michelle said...

love the cushions, love the easter eggs, especially love the cradle. wow what a find, i would love to come across a little beauty like that. i hope you had a great easter cam, full of eggs and buns and happiness

Carly Findlay said...

Gosh you are strange loving numbers! ;)
I still love you though!

That green cushion is gorgeous :)

Carly Findlay said...

My comment Did not post
I said - you are a strange woman for loving numbers and excel! But I still love you!
And I love that bird cushion :)

willow and moo said...

Lovely cushions!

Once a maths and science nerd, always a maths and science nerd! ;)
Nothing wrong with it! (maybe I'm a tad bit biased though)

willywagtail said...

That green cushion is superb. It's good that you enjoy doing your bookwork. So many don't but still have to do it for their men. Fortunately for me, I bred my own accontant as I hate fiddling around with numbers and paperwork. The cradle reminds me of my own children and their playing days. Cherrie

Leonie said...

Gorgeous cushions etc, Wish I had your head for figures, I'm still wading my way through this business plan, arrghh! Had a nice little screenprinting break though, that was nice.

ingrid said...

Sounds like a lovely long weekend. I love the beach pebbles. They look more lovely than the eggs!
happy Easter :-)

Lisa said...

Your latest cushions look fab, love recycling great fabric.