Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Friday

The first photoshop class was fabulous yesterday. It's been so long since I've been anywhere near a classroom, but it's really re-inforced to me that I'm most definitely a teacher/classroom/textbook type of learner.

The bonus bit - I finally met Cintia from My Poppet as we're both doing the course (thank goodness she tweeted about it or I may have missed out)!

The festival of birthday begins today with watching the Preppie in a class performance at school assembly, and then we have the sisterlyopshoppingpalooza (I'm sure that's a real word), and lunch at my favourite cafe (sorry pulmonary rehab, but I'm ditching you today)!

 Photo courtesy Copper Patch

Abbe needs some help answering some Craft Retreat questions here.

I'm testing out my newly learned vector drawing skills on the May Skirt Sew Along button. I'm hoping that it looks like a skirt in a wintery type fabric?

Anyway, check out the blog on Monday to sign up for the Sew Along. You can make any skirt that your heart desires for the challenge, but if you're thinking about making a You Sew Girl A-Line Skirt, the pattern is available here.

Happy Random Friday!


willywagtail said...

Already filled in my form for Abbe. I like your buttons. Looks like lots of skirts will be made in May. I'm not sure if I'll get to join in as we have to move some time in the near future and I envisage a slow packing (already started). I do have a couple of round tableclothes with their holes already cut out though. Will it count if I just add the waistbands I wonder. All the best with your .....opshopapalooza. I'm sure anything combined with opshops is a word. One of the houses I am looking at is just two doors from my favourite opshop. I just don't know if I can afford that. Cherrie

Sally said...

Yay Cam! Another sew-along. I'll be in for sure! I had so much fun with the lisette one.

With the pattern you have mentioned, do you think it would be possible to add a knit waistband rather than the zipper/waistband that the pattern has?

Finki said...

A skirt sew in sounds good. I can do skirts ( : and this course sounds interesting, i really need to learn PS and illustrator properly instead of just fluffing around. xx

Renae @ theredwren said...

Ooh a skirt sew along! That's very timely as I'm in the middle of building a new blog for documenting all my clothes making and joining in sew alongs :) I've challenged myself to sew my winter wardrobe from fabric and patterns in my stash.

I love what you've done in photoshop- must be good to learn how to use it properly!

Jody Pearl said...

Thankyou for the opportunity to join in my first Sew-along - I'm very excited - just the excuse I need to make another Splice Skirt.

Megan said...

I've thought about doing a photoshop course for a while now... so tempting! Why must everything cost so much though?!

May Skirt sew along sounds more up my ally! I baulked at the idea of altering bust and waist, arm holes and necklines in the dress sew along.

Fiona said...

A skirt sew along sounds like a great idea. I've got some fabric and keep meaning to make a wrap-around skirt from Nikki's book ... just a bit scared of cutting into the (expensive) fabric with a self-drafted pattern!!